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episode 256 - what's behind the Magic Door?

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more reruns!

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Star Crunch!  Star Crunch!

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If Bozo the Clown and The Prisoner had a thalidomide baby, this show might be the result....


I'm going to put out the full 30 episodes again.  Though you can always go to the website and find them....

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Some notes on how to edit audiobooks.  Hopefully my editors will have a chance to listen.


(I probably swear a bit)

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Just letting peple know what's up, and then I talk a bit abou thte video game Outlast.  Yes, it's actually pertinent, being about plotting and horror.

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Social commentary.  Scifi thrives on it.


music from machinamasound.com

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The Love of Frank Nineteen by David C. Knight

A touching story of rationaloid romance.

And Julie gets all choked up.

Music from the Footage Firm

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A Martian sings for his supper and the elderly go mad.

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two stories!

Circus by Alan E. Nourse

...read by Rhys Torres-Miller

.....music by Highmas

Service with a Smile by Charles L. Fontenay

...read by Julie Hoverson

.....music by Circus Marcus

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