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Tired and gibbering, I attempt to address a question from Bill Hollweg - about selecting and using music.

Not sure if I succeed...
Music is "Pictures at an Exhibition" by the Skidmore College Orchestra - I've used it before, but it's actually appropriate for this topic....

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OK, for all those who waited patiently while i got adaptation out of my system....

Some of my seat fo the pants techniques for mixing voices, for adding background noise/music, and some comments on mic technique.

Also another acting tip from Smokestack Jones!
Music by Josh Woodward (www.joshwoodward.com)

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yes, more on adaptation, talking about characters.  Also balancing tension with release.  and another acting tip from Smokestack Jones!

Music from Flores Negras

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Continuing from last week, I went mad and found four stories that grabbed me and demanded to be adapted. 

So, I take a story ("A Tropical Horror" by William Hope Hodgson) step by step and talk about some of the choices and changes I made for the adaptation.

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