19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Hey folks!  Always wanted to break into voice acting, but too self conscious?  This is the perfect opportunity - some of us audiodramatalk are trying to put together what we call "Walla" - crowd/background voices for use in various situations.


To this end, we're looking for folks [the more the merrier!!] to record about a page of lines that would be appropriate for a certain setting (we're beginning with "party lines", and there will be more to come), and we'll zip up all the recordings we get and post them for everyone to use.  Then each producer can mix the lines to their own heart's content.


Deadline for "Party lines" is June 15.  If you want to participate, the lines are listed in the 19 Nocturne forum at www.audiodramatalk.com, or I can mail you the file - send inquiries to 19nocturne<at>live<dot><com>.

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