19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Bingo the Birthday Clown #15 -  "The Mash"

mashed potatoes.  Tunis mashes on Linda.

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Bingo the Birthday Clown, episode 14 "Small Termination"

Legs.  Guns.  More flashbacks.  An end.  A beginning.

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Bingo the Birthday Clown #13 "Boom Chute"

Tunis is consoled, Shaboo is doused, and Rose disappears.

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Bingo the Birthday Clown, episode 12 - "Unstoppable"

Ah, Tunis....

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Bingo the Birthday Clown, episode 11 "Captivate"

Everyone gets carried away.


Sorry about the latenss, had a rather dreadful week last week.


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