19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Well, apparently I'm continuing my new holiday tradition of being a day or two late.  Quail Seed, whcih I planned to get out yesterday, isn't done.

<grumble grumble - Stupid social events.  Stupid darkness making me sleepy.>

So, while I finishe that and try to get ahead on The Deadeye kid for this week and the upcoming 19 Nocturne episode "Childrhood Trauma" (happy little xmas tale that THAT is), I was thinking I might post some fo the odd and irreverent xmas stories I read as audio books a while back (back when I recorded the Lovecraft stories).  Some are spooky, some are heartwarming, some are funny.  Some are completley obnoxious.

I shoud have thought of this AGES ago!!!

Anyway, opinions?  Anyone?

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