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Edwardian Entertainments - The Hard-Boiled Egg by Ellis Parker Butler

The first tale of the infamous Philo Gubb, correspondence school deteckative.

Music from Archive.org

Adapted by Julie Hoverson

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"The Yellow Sign" by Robert W. Chambers - Edwardian Entertainments 15

from the classic collection "The King in Yellow" - often considered an inspiration for H.P. Lovecraft.

A painter and his model find something dreadful is stalking them.

Music by the Moondark Project

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"A Thousand Deaths" by Jack London - Edwardian Entertainments 14

Jack London's earliest published story, from just before 1900.

Read by Julie Hoverson

Music from Lgor and incompetech.com

cover art with help from clipart compiled by Betsi Goutal

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"Luella Miller" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (Edwardian Entertainments)

A young woman unwittingly drains the life from those around her.

Read/performed by Julie Hoverson

Music from A-M Classical

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"The Toys of Peace" by Saki  (Edwardian Entertainments)

A doting uncle attempts to bring some peace to his nephew's toys.
(strangely prophetic, given this story was written around a hundred years ago!)

Sound and Mastering by Rhys Torres-Miller

Scripted by Julie Hoverson

Music from archive.org

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"Pigs is Pigs" by Ellis Parker Butler (Edwardian Entertainments)

A classic of American humor.

Sound and mastering by Kim Poole

cover by Julie Hoverson

Music by amclassical.com

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"The Haunted Author" by Marcus Clarke

Produced by Tanja Milojevic (Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind)

That late night character that just won't let go?  Could be worse!!!

Music by Wynn Erickson

Adapted by Julie Hoverson

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"A Sacrifice to Necessity" by Saki

Produced and narrated by Julie Hoverson

with Jennifer Dixon and Fiona Thraille

Satiric melodrama about the consequences of gambling!!  oh horrors!!

Music by A-M Classical

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"Down Pens" by Saki - Edwardian Entertainment #8

The aftermath of Christmas....

Mixed by Kimberly Poole

Music by A_M classical

Cover by Julie Hoverson

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"The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall" by John Kendrick Bangs - Edwardian Entertainments, #7

A ghost that haunts Christmas?  Why not?

Mixed by Scott Pigg

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Cover art by Julie Hoverson

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