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a short blog to let everyone know what's been happening.

Nothing substantive, just keeping n touch.

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Julie's Mixed Bag

This is a collection of bits and pieces of cool stuff I've done in the last couple of years.  Short fillers, extras, stories.  Some of them have been stuck in at the end of blogs, others have never been published.


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Fred G, of Radio Drama Revival (who already has thanx in the Dunwich credits, or I would surely be adding him) pointed out a simple way to do a final "clean pass" on sound - but not til I was already up to episode 3 of Dunwich.

So now I've cleaned and re-loaded parts 1 and 2.  Don't jump out and re-download them just yet and screw up my count, but be aware that they have been ... altered.  Clarified a bit, perhaps.


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For everyone who subscribes through itunes and stuff - I am having the designations of the different categories on this feed altered. 

Turns out that, since they have spaces in the names, they don't sort properly all the time, for people who wanted one show but not all the shows. 

So... you may have to update your indivudual subscriptions (if you subscribe to individual feeds) once this is completely worked through.

Just letting you know.

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April, and Scriptfrenzy, are looming on the horizon.  For 19 Nocturne, that means Guest Producer Month, where I showcase episodes that I wrote, but other people put together (just like the two shorts - "Karma" and "The Archway Room" - that played at Halloween).

Equally as important, this gives me time to write.  And write....  and write.

In honor of this, I am taking challenges.  I'm looking for some distinct horror/sci fi/fantasy subgenre (preferably one I haven't done yet) to try cutting my teeth on.  Nothing specific (like Star Trek or Dr. Who), but a type of movie (like "severed body part horror" or "someone deliberately being made to believe they're crazy" films).

I wil truly endeavor to take on the first THREE challenges I get emailed to the show email.  19nocturne<aaaaat>live<(youknowtherest=)dot-com>


Let's see what we come up with!

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A bit of bother with uploading

Darn it - i actually finished Bingo #29, and couldn't upload it.  Just wanted to make sure and lay claim to it, since it was such a struggle...


Soon as it works again, I'll upload.

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There's an app for THIS (19 Nocturne Boulevard)

Yes, we have an app.  Don't ask me how it works - just go and buy it, please.  We love being popular!


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Time for Mark Time!

The year is over and I'm seriously starting to ponder what I want to enter for the Mark Time/Ogle Awards this year.  To that end, I'm asking folks what you think.  Here's the list of 19 Nocturne Boulevard episodes from 2010. 

I'm planning on entering three, so help me select the right ones? [leave a comment, drop me an email, or come tot he forums on Audiodramatalk.com]



[Jane 1] - Bride of the Minotaur

The Wrong Bob

Force Majeure

Il Professoro's Daughter

The Big Dark


[BnB #2] - Naked Truth

[Jane 2] - Splinters of the Gate

[short] Fairy King

[short] Darrin Dilemma



[L5#1] - Picture in the House

An Hour to Kill

[L5#2] - Haunter of the Dark

A Stitch In Time

Cautionary Tale

Golden Woods

Lost Hearts

[L5#3] - From within


The Deadeye Kid (which story?)

[short] Karma

[short] The Archway Room




Bread Overhead



Childhood Trauma [dark social commentary]

Idiot Box [dark social commentary]

Dis Belief [speculative fiction]

Set Piece [drama with a teensy hint of the unknown]

Cymbeline [with the indecisive title]



Oh, and of course, there's always the Deadeye Kid....


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A bit of a wait...

This is an exhausted time of year.  Julie needs a break. 

No blog or Deadeye Kid this week.  Hopefully will be back on track, as follows:


Next week - Deadeye Kid, Bingo #28 on 1/13.

[Always assuming I can stop dozing off while upright at the computer.]


I think I am descended from bears.

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Julie is taking a slight break....

I am pushing this week's Deadeye Kid off for a week.  The holidays, and the short days, are taking their toll.  I'm descended from Norwegians, and they're descended from bears.  So the hibernation urge is hard upon me.


Wish me luck!

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A note from Julie...

Well, apparently I'm continuing my new holiday tradition of being a day or two late.  Quail Seed, whcih I planned to get out yesterday, isn't done.

<grumble grumble - Stupid social events.  Stupid darkness making me sleepy.>

So, while I finishe that and try to get ahead on The Deadeye kid for this week and the upcoming 19 Nocturne episode "Childrhood Trauma" (happy little xmas tale that THAT is), I was thinking I might post some fo the odd and irreverent xmas stories I read as audio books a while back (back when I recorded the Lovecraft stories).  Some are spooky, some are heartwarming, some are funny.  Some are completley obnoxious.

I shoud have thought of this AGES ago!!!

Anyway, opinions?  Anyone?

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Somehow the links in the audio books got messed up and all point to Brett's page, even the ones that shoudl be for Kevin MacLeod's music.  <<This is the correct link, as I just don't have the time to go back and fix all 28 of those.


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Well, I don't have any more right now - not really. 

Long ago, I started in on At The Mountains of Madness, and thought I had lost the two chapters I'd completed, but a friend/fan (Adrian Kleinbergen, who did the art for our dramatized version of The Temple) had a copy I'd sent to him ages back - whew!  Hate those computer crashes.

Anyway, if everyone liked this, I might look at doing this again next year - though I will probably mix it up a bit with other horror/ghost story authors (William Hope Hodgeson, M.R. James, Bulwer-Lytton, John Kendrick Bangs, etc.).

Let me know!  I love hearing from fans - and this is a great excuse!

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Rainbow Reels Cinema (hilarious reviewer of horror films) made a lovely video promo for other cool shows.... including 19 Nocturne Boulevard!!

Take a look!

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Hiya folks!  Hey, question - For the month of October, I'm thinking of posting a lot of my H.P. Lovecraft readings, one each day or each couple of days, but I'm thinking I will post them on wordpress and link them here, rather than stick them right into the feed, where people might not want them.  Any comments?

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19 Nocturne's fourth Jumbo file!

19 Noc_Group 4.rar

For those who are just joining us, or those who haven't seen this before, we have jumbo files out there for easy downloading of piles of episodes at one time.  There's also a couple of files full of my readings of H.P. Lovecraft over there as well.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Lovecraft Bunch

Colour out of Space

And don't forget to get over to the 19 Nocturne Boulevard Facebook page!

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19 Nocturne Boulevard now has a Facebook page, thanx to the hard work of our intern Suzanne!!! 

Find us!  Friend us!

<Until I figure out how to put an icon on here - sigh - just come and find us, OK?>

And don't forget - we also are on Twitter as @19nocturne!

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Not a blog - just a note!!!

A note for everyone not following the news from any other source, such as the show's twitter feed (@19nocturne) or the forum at audiodramatalk or anything.

Just letting you know what's up!

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back episodes!

I've had a couple of people have trouble (size, etc.) with the Jumbo files I've got uploaded of back episodes.

So I've uploaded a couple of slightly smaller sets (10 episodes each), to get new people started. 


Set 1



Cry Wolf (B&B Investigations)

The Outpost

Cultists Stole My Baby!

Questions in a Dark Room

Sword Kvetch

The Temple

The Thrice Tolled Bell

Where Are You Now?

Within the Walls of Eryx

Xmas Trilogy


These are temporary downloads, and will expire around 7/6.  If there's demand, I'll set up a new server or something... Yeah, in my copious free time....


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Need some Deadeye voices!

I have a LOT of bit parts to fill in the next Deadeye Kid story (sadly, almost all male - that's the Old West for you), and since it seems silly to audition for a character with only one or two lines, I am taking volunteers.

Email me - unless you're absolutely terrible (or your sound quality is - sorry folks, that's life), chances are you will get to be in the next story, somewhere, even if you're just dying in the big battle.

Email me at 19nocturne(at)live.com, and if you have a sound clip - any sound clip - send it along.

I do have a part or two for the ladies, so don't hesitate - and at least one needs a British accent.

[Plus, if you do get picked, you get a glimpse at the script! OoooOOOoooh!]

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MARK TIME 2009!  Best Sci Fi Audio Drama - that's two in a row!

19 Nocturne Boulevard has won again!  The gold Mark Time award for best science fiction audio drama of 2009.  Their site isn't updated yet, but should be soon.

Last year, it was "The Outpost" that won, this year -

The Rookie

Kicked butt!!!

Wanted to let everyone know!!!  The official announcement is fourth of July weekend, but they told me today that I could start passing word around.

I am so excited!!!  And i must give full props to Michael Faigenblum for his performance as Doorbell Mike.  it was a tough role, and he pulled it off beautifully.

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Hey folks!  Always wanted to break into voice acting, but too self conscious?  This is the perfect opportunity - some of us audiodramatalk are trying to put together what we call "Walla" - crowd/background voices for use in various situations.


To this end, we're looking for folks [the more the merrier!!] to record about a page of lines that would be appropriate for a certain setting (we're beginning with "party lines", and there will be more to come), and we'll zip up all the recordings we get and post them for everyone to use.  Then each producer can mix the lines to their own heart's content.


Deadline for "Party lines" is June 15.  If you want to participate, the lines are listed in the 19 Nocturne forum at www.audiodramatalk.com, or I can mail you the file - send inquiries to 19nocturne<at>live<dot><com>.

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Hey - I decided to upload all my audio versions of Lovecraft in a big zipped file.  Anyone who wants, go ahead and download. 8)

lovecraft.rar - 297.8 Mb

They're much more primitive than my shows - they were done while I was learning my way around audio mixing.  But what the heck - they're still fun.  The file contains a bunch of short stories and the ginormous Whisperer in Darkness (which runs 2.5 hours!!!). The only piece not included (since it's also quite large) is my "Colour out of Space"  I'll upload that too, if people want it.

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You have to go look - I found a lovely Victorian photo that just stuck in my head as being Jane and Annie from Bride of the Minotaur (and two more upcoming stories). 


[Yes, Jane is the one in the light color.  Annie is the surly one in black.]

This will probably turn into, in some part, a cover for an upcoming episode, but I just really fell in love with it the minute I saw it, and had to share it!

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For those just joining the show, we have three sets of jumbo files for easy downloading to get you caught up - each includes about 13 episodes.




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Julie and 19 Nocturne have given in and joined Twitter.  If you want to get the updates and trivia and stuff (I'll try to keep it to one per day - I promise!), add @19Nocturne to your twitter thingee and JOIN USSSSSSSS.

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I (Julie) got to sit in on on an episode of "The Horror Movie Podcast", and help out with the reviews!!!


HorrorGuy and HorrorGal were kind enough to let me sit in on the reviews of "I Sell the Dead" (I LOVED it) and "Dolan's Cadillac" (a decent Stephen King adaptation).

Go listen - I am hilarious!!


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Coming Saturday!  (3/20)

In light of current events, I've changed the schedule slightly - moving up Idiot Box by one episode.

So Saturday, be prepared to see my version of the shocking side of reality TV!!!


If you haven't been following the news, this is in regard to the French game show called "The Game of Death", which re-created - ON a REALITY SHOW - the Milgram schock experiments. 

I could make a big deal out of having written my script over a year ago, but my adaptation of the Milgrim stuff actually takes a very different turn than theirs, PLUS I can now pretend to be "Ripped from the Headlines!!!"

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Hey, everyone - this is Julie, resident madwoman of 19 Nocturne Boulevard.

So, I'm seriously considering trying to take Deadeye Kid out of the regular rotation and ... (wait for it!) turning it into a "10-minutes every two weeks" serial, alternating with Bingo the Birthday Clown.

This mainly depends on my sanity (doubtful at best), and my ability to write me a mess o' scripts right soon (that goes without saying), but I would love to hear what people might think on the subject.  Please feel free to pop a comment in here, or drop me a line at 19nocturne[at]live[dot]com.

Or even come on over to audiodramatalk.com and join in the chat there.

Oh, and - Bingo tomorrow and new episode Wednesday, but never never jam today.

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Hiya, 19 Nocturne Fans!!! 

Hey, if you've been thinking about donating, we do have a button right on the side here - any money you drop on us is gratefully appreciated and basically helps Julie to pay for the website and rss feed.

BUT - consider this:  http://sounds4soldiers.org

All us audio drama folks are working together to send a bunch of shows overseas to the troops, and any money donated THERE will help with this very worthwhile project.

So please send money over there. 

Throw some to us, too, if you have extra.  But I can go on footing the bills for 19 Nocturne's "mortgage", while we ALL need help to get enough together to send entertainment to our folks in the armed forces.

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Fred Greenhalgh of FinalRune Productions (and Radio Drama Revival, who have in turn showcased an episode or two of 19 Nocturne Boulevard) got featured in the Wall Street Journal!! 

There's a video of him recording on location and EVERYTHING!

Check it out!  It seems like an awesome way to get our medium out to a LOT more people.

Great work, Fred!!!


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Due to overwhelming general annoyance, the Rustycon panels have been removed.

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This is the first episode of bingo - with a little slideshow of the collage art...


It's simple, but FUN!

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PromEvil recap

For those just joining us, I wanted to re-post the four links to PromEvil, since it's my first multi-part series.
...and since they've all rolled off the page.


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Don't forget to check out the special Halloween events at Icebox Radio Theater and The Sonic Society - each is playing a brand new 19 Nocturne Boulevard episode for Halloween!!

<whew - we get around, eh?>

And PromEvil 4 on 10/31
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Just a side note to everyone - I mentioned it in my blog, but also wanted to put in print - don't forget to check for brand new 19 Nocturne Boulevard episodes this month at Wander Radio, Sonic Society, and Icebox Radio Theater!!!  (see blog post below for links)
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<a href="http://www.podcastalley.com/"> My Podcast Alley feed!</a> {pca-375e4e183f0de22bb17c53c6370ba16d}
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