19 Nocturne Boulevard (Info_dump)
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a short blog to let everyone know what's been happening.

Nothing substantive, just keeping n touch.

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Julie's Mixed Bag

This is a collection of bits and pieces of cool stuff I've done in the last couple of years.  Short fillers, extras, stories.  Some of them have been stuck in at the end of blogs, others have never been published.


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Fred G, of Radio Drama Revival (who already has thanx in the Dunwich credits, or I would surely be adding him) pointed out a simple way to do a final "clean pass" on sound - but not til I was already up to episode 3 of Dunwich.

So now I've cleaned and re-loaded parts 1 and 2.  Don't jump out and re-download them just yet and screw up my count, but be aware that they have been ... altered.  Clarified a bit, perhaps.


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For everyone who subscribes through itunes and stuff - I am having the designations of the different categories on this feed altered. 

Turns out that, since they have spaces in the names, they don't sort properly all the time, for people who wanted one show but not all the shows. 

So... you may have to update your indivudual subscriptions (if you subscribe to individual feeds) once this is completely worked through.

Just letting you know.

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April, and Scriptfrenzy, are looming on the horizon.  For 19 Nocturne, that means Guest Producer Month, where I showcase episodes that I wrote, but other people put together (just like the two shorts - "Karma" and "The Archway Room" - that played at Halloween).

Equally as important, this gives me time to write.  And write....  and write.

In honor of this, I am taking challenges.  I'm looking for some distinct horror/sci fi/fantasy subgenre (preferably one I haven't done yet) to try cutting my teeth on.  Nothing specific (like Star Trek or Dr. Who), but a type of movie (like "severed body part horror" or "someone deliberately being made to believe they're crazy" films).

I wil truly endeavor to take on the first THREE challenges I get emailed to the show email.  19nocturne<aaaaat>live<(youknowtherest=)dot-com>


Let's see what we come up with!

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A bit of bother with uploading

Darn it - i actually finished Bingo #29, and couldn't upload it.  Just wanted to make sure and lay claim to it, since it was such a struggle...


Soon as it works again, I'll upload.

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There's an app for THIS (19 Nocturne Boulevard)

Yes, we have an app.  Don't ask me how it works - just go and buy it, please.  We love being popular!


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Time for Mark Time!

The year is over and I'm seriously starting to ponder what I want to enter for the Mark Time/Ogle Awards this year.  To that end, I'm asking folks what you think.  Here's the list of 19 Nocturne Boulevard episodes from 2010. 

I'm planning on entering three, so help me select the right ones? [leave a comment, drop me an email, or come tot he forums on Audiodramatalk.com]



[Jane 1] - Bride of the Minotaur

The Wrong Bob

Force Majeure

Il Professoro's Daughter

The Big Dark


[BnB #2] - Naked Truth

[Jane 2] - Splinters of the Gate

[short] Fairy King

[short] Darrin Dilemma



[L5#1] - Picture in the House

An Hour to Kill

[L5#2] - Haunter of the Dark

A Stitch In Time

Cautionary Tale

Golden Woods

Lost Hearts

[L5#3] - From within


The Deadeye Kid (which story?)

[short] Karma

[short] The Archway Room




Bread Overhead



Childhood Trauma [dark social commentary]

Idiot Box [dark social commentary]

Dis Belief [speculative fiction]

Set Piece [drama with a teensy hint of the unknown]

Cymbeline [with the indecisive title]



Oh, and of course, there's always the Deadeye Kid....


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A bit of a wait...

This is an exhausted time of year.  Julie needs a break. 

No blog or Deadeye Kid this week.  Hopefully will be back on track, as follows:


Next week - Deadeye Kid, Bingo #28 on 1/13.

[Always assuming I can stop dozing off while upright at the computer.]


I think I am descended from bears.

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Julie is taking a slight break....

I am pushing this week's Deadeye Kid off for a week.  The holidays, and the short days, are taking their toll.  I'm descended from Norwegians, and they're descended from bears.  So the hibernation urge is hard upon me.


Wish me luck!

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