19 Nocturne Boulevard (Tone_Didactic)
Wheeality Productions features 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Bingo the Birthday Clown, The Deadeye Kid, The Tone Didactic (blogs on audio drama), and guest starring Warp'd Space! Whew!

Not a movie yoou'd think I'd want to talk about, a heartwarming tale of a minnesota childhood in the 40s....

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Continued.  Sorry no time to wax eloquent tonight.

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With the Branagh version in the theaters, I compare the adaptations a bit, as well as the Poirots.

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A follow up to last month's bitching about Evil Within 1.  EW2 is MUCH better!!

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Mainly going on and on about Resident Evil 7 and The Evil Within, and what i think is wrong with them.

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Working on my new microserial, I needed to talk out some of the ideas I have, and talk about some of the choices you have to make when writing.

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Be warned.


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being sick made me chatty- sorry about any coughs or sniffles.  Might be doing some ranting regularly.  how exciting!

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Tone Didactic 2017

I talk current events, like Resident Evil VII and what I'm likely to do any time soon.  And a bit of politics, sort of.

Also a quick note about my new book project - My Lady's Wardrobe, a series of books of Victorian photos like the one on the thumbnail, that i've cleaned and am sharing.


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Wondering what I've been up to?  wonder no more.  Won't make you happy, but will get you up to date!

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Some notes on how to edit audiobooks.  Hopefully my editors will have a chance to listen.


(I probably swear a bit)

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Just letting peple know what's up, and then I talk a bit abou thte video game Outlast.  Yes, it's actually pertinent, being about plotting and horror.

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Tone Didactic 164 - Where's Julie?

Been busy.  Been sick.


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Special event - live (ish) from GeekGirlCon

Gwendolyn and I did a panel, talking about how to get involved in audiobooks.  Here it is!

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Tone Didactic #162 - I hate this plot device

I discuss a plot device i hate, and why, and what else could be done.

kind of a short one....

Music by Kafarena (from jamendo)

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tone Didactic 160 - Making Audio Books....

basic technique stuff, and a bit about ACX

music from the footage firm

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Tone Didactic 159 - Naming, tagging, and a plug

More gibbering about naming files, tagging them, picking names for shows, etc.

and a plug for the footage firm.


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Tone Didactic 158 - Sour Grapes... and Money

Not so much substantive, just some news and attitude.

Music from the Footage Firm

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Tone didactic 157 - Music again!

finding and dealing with music.

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Tone Didactic 156 - Atomic Julie, adaptation, a new project

What's with the sci fi stories?

And a new project.  Shh - It's secret.

Music by Ben Othman (via jamendo)

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Tone Didactic 155 - Voice seminar, talent websites, "The Heat"

More acting tips.  Some fun events.

Music by Circus Marcus, found on Jamendo

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Tone Didactic 154 - non-gender issues, and aliens....

Talking about characters that are difficult to gender categorize, including aliens, and why they bug the crap out of us.

Also forgot mention a listener's correction on my Djinn piece - the (1980s)Twilight Zone episode was a devil story, not a djinn.


Music by Gregoire Lourme

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Tone Didactic 153 - Djinn and Tonic

An email suggested I talk about Genies!

So I did.


Music by Gregoire Lourme

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Tone Didactic 152 - gender and old sci fi

i was sleepy.

still am.

music fromfootage firm's clssical CD

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Tone Didactic 151 - Bechdel Test, Vampire Warriors, Corpse Party

warning:  spoilers

music by audio zombie

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Tone Didactic #150 - a book in my head, and the Evil Dead

It rhymed.  Wow.

Music from Audio Zombie

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Tone Didactic #149 - more on auditions, and some stuff

Music by Audio Zombie.

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Tone Didactic 148 - Big plot, little plot

random crap and some discussion of what constitutes "important" to your characters - the grand plot or the bald cow?  possible spoilers for "Cranford"

Music from freestockmusic.com

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Tone Didactic 147 - Are amateurs ruining it for pros?

in response to a question, I discuss the impact of amateurs on "the industry"

Music by Enox

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Tone Didactic 146 - More on recording technique

Basics of mike use, setup, and some more advanced tips on recording remotely.

Music by Kaj Roger Willumsen

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TD145 - working out a fight scene

I was stuck.  talking helped a bit.  possible FG spoilers....

Music by Jahzzar

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TD144 - Outlining, reaction reveals character

Sleepy again.  Sigh.

Sparking for Fatal Girl Season 2.

music from Crux

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TD143 - Classical Music, multiple storylines

Totally half asleep.  Be amused.

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TD142 - Common Ground.  More fx, character development...

Some digressions.

Happy New Year!

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TD141 - Julie chats the Hobbit.

Tried to avoid actual spoilers, just said some of what I like, stuff like that.

[Thorin Oakenshield is hot....]

More music from the Brotherhood.

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TD140_music in a scene

Using a short scene from the upcoming Fatal Girl 5 (hopefully coming out around new years), I demonstrate the difference that usic can make to mood.


[No spoilers - more of a teaser]

music from


footage firm

a-m classical

mental wanking

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TD139_Snow steps and Gain

Following up on a recent conversation helping someone with some effects.  Realized it's something good to go over - deceptively simple, and yet fairly tricky.

Music from The Brotherhood

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TD138 - Sound Beds

I talk about making composite sounds and ambiances.

And more music from Audio Zombie ["Rites of Passage" album....]

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Tone Didactic 137 - M, titles, adapting visuals....

I take a challenge from a friend, and discuss the movie "M"

Music from the Audio Zombie Album "Orchestra of the Dead"

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Tone Didactic 136 - French comedies, remakes...

Wandering along.  Some news.  Weird stuff.

Music from F.T.G.

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TD135 Comedy, Brown monkey

More ranting

Musci by Les Pecheurs de Lune

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Tone Didactic #134 - Silent Hill, some talk on gore, and MORFAR!!!

That about says it all.

Music from Footage firm.

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Tone Didactic #133 - why i'm not in business.

also a breakdown of the weak points of the movie They Live (some spoilers)


Music from the Footage Firm

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Tone Didactic - update - 132

 New shows, what's up with me and musings

Music by Out of Orion (album The White Ship)

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Blog 131 - Yes, I'm back

Some updates and notes about the summer.

Music from Arnaud Conde

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GeekGirlCon 2 podcasting panel

We probably don't say anything too new, but it's more fun with Julie, Gwen and Rhys!

The sound was recorded on my laptop only, so - very sad, and the audience is not audible at all, much, so take it for what it is.


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TD130 - What the Hz?

Updates, ranting about the computer "upgrade" - lots of cussing - and some info on why some tracks just won't track. 

The secret word is "Hz" (which I think stands for Hertz, and which I have no idea what that means)

Music by my new favorite Ukrainian band, Viy (by way of Jamendo)

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TD_129 File Organization and Backups

Talking about how I organize my files - for finding and backups

Music by Loomeer

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TD128_Lovable Rogues

Talking about another classic character type.

Music by Juice Connection

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TD127_updates and plugs

Just keeping up and letting you know where things are.  Didn't have a good topic this week - any questions I can help with for next week?

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Tone Didactic #126 - Announcements and SFX

I make a bunch of general announcements, and then construct an effect. 

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Tone Didactic #125 - Conventions and shows

Norwescon (just past) and Crypticon (coming up), and writing a script with very specific parameters in mind.

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Tone Didactic #124 - intolerance and hate

Yup - the chat on Women in Audio drama got me started again.

Here's hoping I covered this topic without saying anything offensive...


Music by Krzysztof Kurkowski (via Jamendo)

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Tone Didactic #123 - Romance

When i'm not screaming at a murderous feline, I discuss some of the pitfalls of the romcom.

Music by Metempsy

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Tone Didactic #122 - changing the voice

more about ways to get different voices, even if you don't have an ear for accents.


Music by Razvan Veina (via Jamendo)

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Tone Didactic #121 - Cover Art!

After counseling a few people about ways to find or create cover art for their shows, i decided maybe it's time to have a chat with everyone, making suggestions about this.

Music from machinemasound.com

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Tone Didactic #120 - writing exercises!

Encle Ernie says writing exercises will make your writing less flabby....

Or something.

More lovely practice!!


Music from Nathan Shirley (via Jamendo)

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Tone didactic 119 - breaking up a project

well, and nyquil kicks in at one point and...  i'm afraid to go back and listen... 


but mostly useful.  I think

music from http://machinimasound.com/

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Tone Didactic #118 - Staying motivated

Some more ramblings on how to move forward.


and talking about some elements that might make something a young adult story, rather than a grown-up one.

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Tone Didactic #117 - Ambiance and SFX

(and cats)

I address a question mark olson dropped in my forum at audiodramatalk.com

Music by MG-Rizzello, whose music will feature in an upcoming episode.

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Tone Didactic #116 - Fight! Fight! Fight!

Some tips on putting together fight scenes for audio.

Music by Yvalain

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Tone Didactic #115 - Tragedy!!!

A discussion of what Tragedy really means - in drama.

Music by Musicoman

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Tone Didactic #114 - The End of the World

Why are we so obsessed with the end?

Vote for the Splatcademy Awards

Vote for me here too (Idiot Box or Cultists)

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Direct download: TD114_end_of_the_world.mp3
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Tone Didactic #113 - Splatcademy Awards 2011!

I go thorugh my nominations for the Splatcademy Awards (from www.deadlantern.com), and ramble a bit about what made me decide on these ones.

I think I was tired - this should be hilarious.

Music by Musicoman

Direct download: TD113_splattercast_nominations.mp3
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Tone Didactic #112 - Musique!

More comments on the use of music in shows, etc.

Music by the incomparable and beloved Kevin MacLeod!!! (Incompetech.com)

Direct download: TD112_Musique.mp3
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Tone Didactic - #111 - SEX!

A discussion of when to include sex and why.

Plus some technical stuff.

music form John Springer family album on Jamendo

Direct download: TD111_Sex.mp3
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Tone Didactic #110 - Cussin'

Just me, again - babbling about the words we use as epithets...

Music from Footage Firm.

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Tone Didactic #109 - the end of the Tropes

Kim Poole (Warp'd Space), Beverly Poole, Shelbi McIntyre and I talk about negative female tropes in fiction.  Why?  to see how to fix them, to raise awareness, to argue about what "negative" or "feminine" really mean - all of the above.

Mostly, we figure the issue is that if writers don't realize they are propagating negative stereotypes, they can't improve/change/make informed decisions.

This is a three - parter!!! Yes, we can talk a lot!

I apologize for being off mike so bad - my hubris insisted my loud loud voice would carry....  {NOTE:  for this one, I ran it through another filter to improve the sound and volume a bit}


Oh, and this is where the initial set of videos that we are using as a jumping off point for our discussion appear.

Direct download: TD109_Trope_discussion_part3.mp3
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Tone Didactic #109 (part 2) - we talk (more) tropes

[posting early this week, due to the holiday]

Kim Poole (Warp'd Space), Beverly Poole, Shelbi McIntyre and I talk about negative female tropes in fiction.  Why?  to see how to fix them, to raise awareness, to argue about what "negative" or "feminine" really mean - all of the above.

Mostly, we figure the issue is that if writers don't realize they are propagating negative stereotypes, they can't improve/change/make informed decisions.

This is a three - parter!!! Yes, we can talk a lot!

I apologize for being off mike so bad - my hubris insisted my loud loud voice would carry....


Oh, and this is where the initial set of videos that we are using as a jumping off point for our discussion appear.

Direct download: TD109_Trope_discussion_part2.mp3
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Tone Didactic #109 (part 1) - we talk tropes

Kim Poole (Warp'd Space), Beverly Poole, Shelbi McIntyre and I talk about negative female tropes in fiction.  Why?  to see how to fix them, to raise awareness, to argue about what "negative" or "feminine" really mean - all of the above.

Mostly, we figure the issue is that if writers don't realize they are propagating negative stereotypes, they can't improve/change/make informed decisions.

This is a three - parter!!! Yes, we can talk a lot!

I apologize for being off mike so bad - my hubris insisted my loud loud voice would carry....


Oh, and this is where the initial set of videos that we are using as a jumping off point for our discussion appear.

Direct download: TD109_Trope_discussion_part1.mp3
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Tone Didactic 108 - Opening scenes.

Couldn't think of anything, so I read the openings to several of my half done scripts.   Vote for which one i should try and finsih next!

Music by Sulatus

Direct download: TD108_script_openings.mp3
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Tone Didactic 107 - Musket Punk!

A rant about the pros and cons of the new Three Musketeers film - hopefully without too many spoilers.

Music from Sonnyboo.com

Direct download: TD107_Musket_Punk.mp3
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Tone Didactic 106 - Appearance, and schtuff.

Nice random ramblin, some foreshadowing.

Squeezed in between episodes of Dunwich.


Music from Leafy Lane Productions

Direct download: TD106_appearance.mp3
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Tone Didactic 105 - something completely different

Probably.  I think I still had some tail ends, but I do move on.

Recorded all these way back.  Not sure.  Stress and how it affects character.  I think.


Dunwich is leeching my brain!

Direct download: TD105_stress_and_characters.mp3
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Not really part of the blog, but everyone was asking us to post the panel we did at GeekGirlCon, so here it is!

Panelists - Me (Julie), Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard (Gypsy Audio), Kimberly Poole (Warp'd Space), Rhys Torres-Miller, Beverly Poole.

We talk about "Telling your story through audio drama" to a really awesome attentive audience.


Sound quality is ... well, it's there.  Just imagine you're sitting at the back of the room.

Direct download: TD__GeekGirlCon_special_tell_your_story_through_audio_drama.mp3
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Tone Didactic 104 - the END of Feardotcom

Probably.  Might mention bits in the next episode - recorded that a while back - but have mostly exorcised it.


my editing.  Music by Wynn Erickson.

Don't forget!  Dunwich arrives on SUNDAY!!!!

Direct download: TD104_feardotcom_part2.mp3
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Tone Didactic 103 - Feardotcom - part 1

This is not merely a critique, but a point by point of how to fix a bad  story. 

I think.

I am sleep deprived now, and recorded this a couple of weeks ago.

visit me in Dunwich on 10/9!!!

(and geekgirlcon on 10/7!)

my rough editing - music by Wynn Erickson, I think.  

Direct download: TD103_feardotcom_part1.mp3
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Tone Didactic 102 - prolonging the agony....

Oops, I meant "not feardotcom this week either"

or did I mean "green Hornet / Antiheros / freakouts" ?   Yes, that sounds more like it.

Music from Patryk Kaniewski

My rough editing again....

Direct download: TD102_Green_Hornet_antiheroes_freakouts.mp3
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Tone Didactic 101 - Emotions or something.

Yes, I put further beating of the dead horse known as feardotcom off to next week.


my rough editing.

music from The Incredible Strange Sideshow of Horrors

by Der Grundguetige

Direct download: TD101_Emotions_leave_a_blank.mp3
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Tone Didactic 100 - ONE HUNDRED????

another rough blog, since Glen is still busy

ONE HUNDRED???  How did that happen?

A retrospect - more about me - and some plans for the future!

music by Conspiracy

Direct download: TD100_whoo_hoo.mp3
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Tone Didactic - #99 New mike.  Character motivation

lots of stuff.  Maybe even a little that makes sense!

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

Direct download: TD99_new__mike.mp3
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Tone Didactic - #98 File sharing

Glen is back from vacation, but i still did this one - give him a chance to recover.


I don't know what happened to the sound - but figured it was better to get it done.

Talking about ways to share files - like.... um... lines.


Music by Footage Firm

Direct download: TD98_dropbox_etc.mp3
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Tone Didactic - #97 Foreshadowing, short lines, FeardotCom, Ghosts...

A bunch of stuff for actors.

Kind of primitive since Glen is on Vacay.

Music by Conspiracy

Direct download: TD97_foreshadowing_feardotcom_ghosts.mp3
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Tone Didactic - #96 Words and Character

Inspired by my new favorite podcast (Huzzah ChopBard!!), I talk randomly about how the words spoken define character...

....I think.


Produced by Glen Hallstrom

Direct download: TD96_words_and_character.mp3
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Tone Didactic #95 - Timing (finally!)

After such a long dry spell (I haven't had any ideas for what to talk about...), I come back with a short bit on timing.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom!

Direct download: TD95_Timing.mp3
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Tone Didactic - #94, Crowds, mobs, and digressions

The dynamics of groups in many forms... 

produced by Glen Hallstrom

Direct download: TD94_mobs_crowds_role_models.mp3
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Tone Didactic - #93, once more through the process....

Had an idea, started to explore it.  Sharing it with you....!

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

Direct download: TD93_the_process.mp3
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Tone Didactic - #92 Plug-ins  and Mic Technique

Add-ons for Audacity, general writing tips that I've been passing round over on ScriptFrenzy, and some notes on microphone technique.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

Direct download: TD92_plugins_mic_technique.mp3
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Tone Didactic #91 - Titles, reading, hidden passions

Ways to come up with good titles.  And Quirk of the week - Hidden Passions, and all that implies about your character.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

Direct download: TD91_titles_reading_hidden_passion.mp3
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Tone Didactic #90 - Steps for production, and some producer etiquette

Answering an email query - trying to outline the steps for production.


And some babbling about how to treat your actors (and how actors should treat their roles)

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

Direct download: TD90_production_steps.mp3
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Tone Didactic #89 - More on auditions, Grand Guignol

More suggestions for audition demo reels; some technical tips; and exploring a new genre a bit - Grand Guignol (Thanx for the suggestion!!).

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

Direct download: TD89_auditions2_track_tags_grand_Guignol.mp3
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Tone Didactic #88 - Status Quo and Loyalty

A bit of a response to an interesting email I got, and musing on why people work together (in stories) - or rather, exploring why characters are loyal to causes and dictators....

Direct download: TD88_status_quo_loyalty.mp3
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Tone Didactic #87  - Gender, and The Future

Some more words on gender.  Then I go off into a diatribe on the various ways that the future is perceived in sci fi worlds.

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Tone Didactic #86 - Things that begin with C

Well, more discussion of copyright and then a bit on counterfeiting.  Not in conjunction, and nothing in common....

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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Tone Didactic #85 - Branding

Some of the things to consider when naming your show.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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So what happened at Rustycon this year?

Well, we did a re-enactment with audience members of a classic episode - Force majeure.

For a cold read, in limited light, and all just sitting around the mics... it's still FUN! 

Especially Kim Poole as sound effects - OMG!!! ROFL!

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Tone Didactic #84 - act like a child!

I muse on what I recall of childhood, and how that affects my ability to write child characters, and try and figure out what makes a character feel like a child.

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Tone Didactic #83 - bodies, solo, etc.

A couple of topics, from getting rid of corpses to leaving characters alone to talk to themselves.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom!

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Tone Didactic #82 - Serials!

Suggestions on how to plot and balance a serial, how to write them, etc.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom!

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Tone Didactic #81 - Magic!

Still stuck on fantastical topics.  Talking about things to consider when creating magic for your world.

Moved the schedule now so TD comes out on Tues and serials come out on Thurs.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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