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Next upload - Article II!!

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Almost to the end of Article 1, powers of the legislative branch.  Next  the Executive Branch!  Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

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jinkies, between possibly bringing back 19 nocturne, doing my taxes, and being obsessed with a stupid video game (oxygen not included), I lost a whole month.


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What probably should have been quicker  bios, and more about the senate.

Can someone tell me if I skipped section 6?

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The Constitution, part 2 - Articles 1 and 2, the House of Representatives.

What a snoozer!!  I tried to jazz it up.  There is some discussion of the bits that have been long since cut out - that was kind of fun.

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The U.S. Constitution for We the People, Episode 1, The Preamble

Babbled inanely by Julie Hoverson.

I read through and try to unwind the meanings of each clause and amendment of the Constitution, because i think this is something sorely neglected in our education and frankly i won't read it through any other way.

Starting with the Preamble - I dare anyone my age not to sing along.

"We the people, in order to form a more perfect union......"

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