19 Nocturne Boulevard (Xmas Stories)
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Halloween 2013

Sorry to be so busy recently.  Here's something for Halloween

There is A Family of Gnomes Behind My Walls, And I Swear I Won't Disappoint Them Any Longer

by J.R. Hamantaschen

read by Julie Hoverson

music by The Brotherhood/Doug Bradley

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One more Xmas story - The Christmas Present by By Richmal Crompton

I love me some tricksy old ladies....

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Xmas Story 7 - The Burden of Christmas

Yes, I must end with a sardonic note.

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Xmas Story 6 - How Santa Claus Came to Simpson's Bar by Bret Harte

tough guys have soft centers.

more tissues

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Xmas Story 5 - Nobody's Story by Charles Dickens
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Xmas Story 4 - The Mouse and the Moonbeam by Eugene Field

have tissues handy.

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Xmas Story 3 - Christmas Eve on Lonesome by John Fox, Jr.

Oops - music in all of these is by Kevin MacLeod (though this was before I knew how to pronounce his name) of Incompetech.com

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Xmas story 2 - Christmas by Injunction by O. Henry

See #1 for details.

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Xmas Story 1 - Endeavor by John Galsworthy

Years ago, I recorded a stack of old Xmas stories. Don't think I ever posted them.

Since I didn't manage to get a Christmas episode done this year, I figured I'd put these up. The quality is low, since they were recorded befor I knew much about sound editing.

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