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The Night Sucks more.



This is the final episode we finished.  I ran out of time and energy, and Broken eye Books and Clinton Boomer, while being awesome folks, were as shoestring financially as I am, so no hope of this being a "real job" any time soon.  Someday, when I'm rich and idle, we would LOVE to finish this.


For now, you just have to visit Broken Eye Books and read the hard copy, to find out how this comes out.  Try it! 


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Skull Games.

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Shopping Therapy!


As a note - I'm cutting out the ads and extra credits and making compilations of every three episodes for all my Patreon supporters!!!

Not a bad time to join as a supporter, eh?


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The new Body Suit.

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Honey Sweet Licks Gentleman's Club.

nary a gentleman in sight....

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The Scene of the Crime.

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One Blink Later

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Sealed with AWAK.

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The other kind of Funk.

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Broken Hipster

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Happy Happy VHS.

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meeting the ex.

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I promised I would upload these here, for posterity.  I have only so much space to use, so they will be spread out among the atomic Julies. 

These are from the Hole Behind Midnight by Clinton J. Boomer, that I was trying to dramatize.  I ran out of time, but we got a fair way in, and in  a perfect world would be able to finish it someday.

Episode 1 and 2 came out previously:

1:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/nineteennocturne/HBM2_Interview_Posthumous_temp.mp3?dest-id=21914

2:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/nineteennocturne/HBM1_Late_Night_Phone_Call_19Noc.mp3?dest-id=21914

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The Hole behind Midnight, episode 2...

And Episodes 3, 4, and 5 are available at the actual podcast at www.theholebehindmidnight.libsyn.com!

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The Hole Behind Midnight, episode 1

What has been keepign Julie so damn busy?

Well, this, for a start.....

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My contribution to the election

This is not an official 19 Nocturne thing.  This is not an opinion of any sort.

This is a story by Susan Glaspell, published in 1912 (Librivox recording) called


This is my fervent wish for our country (the sentiment, not the chauvinism of the day - just go with it).

The cleanup of Sandy made me think of this.

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