19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Time for Mark Time!

The year is over and I'm seriously starting to ponder what I want to enter for the Mark Time/Ogle Awards this year.  To that end, I'm asking folks what you think.  Here's the list of 19 Nocturne Boulevard episodes from 2010. 

I'm planning on entering three, so help me select the right ones? [leave a comment, drop me an email, or come tot he forums on Audiodramatalk.com]



[Jane 1] - Bride of the Minotaur

The Wrong Bob

Force Majeure

Il Professoro's Daughter

The Big Dark


[BnB #2] - Naked Truth

[Jane 2] - Splinters of the Gate

[short] Fairy King

[short] Darrin Dilemma



[L5#1] - Picture in the House

An Hour to Kill

[L5#2] - Haunter of the Dark

A Stitch In Time

Cautionary Tale

Golden Woods

Lost Hearts

[L5#3] - From within


The Deadeye Kid (which story?)

[short] Karma

[short] The Archway Room




Bread Overhead



Childhood Trauma [dark social commentary]

Idiot Box [dark social commentary]

Dis Belief [speculative fiction]

Set Piece [drama with a teensy hint of the unknown]

Cymbeline [with the indecisive title]



Oh, and of course, there's always the Deadeye Kid....


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