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Tone Didactic #109 - the end of the Tropes

Kim Poole (Warp'd Space), Beverly Poole, Shelbi McIntyre and I talk about negative female tropes in fiction.  Why?  to see how to fix them, to raise awareness, to argue about what "negative" or "feminine" really mean - all of the above.

Mostly, we figure the issue is that if writers don't realize they are propagating negative stereotypes, they can't improve/change/make informed decisions.

This is a three - parter!!! Yes, we can talk a lot!

I apologize for being off mike so bad - my hubris insisted my loud loud voice would carry....  {NOTE:  for this one, I ran it through another filter to improve the sound and volume a bit}


Oh, and this is where the initial set of videos that we are using as a jumping off point for our discussion appear.

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