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19 Nocturne Boulevard

19 Nocturne Boulevard is an award-winning anthology audio drama series that ran from 2008 through 2013, and then went into deep hibernation.

STILL working on that Comeback!!

Also the creator of Fatal Girl, Bingo the Birthday Clown, The Deadeye Kid, The Lovecraft 5, The Prisoner of Hancock House, The Decadence of Borrowed Silk, Eternal Dusk Roulette, and Atomic Julie's Galactic Bedtime Stories.                                                        Join our awesome Patreon supporters!

Oct 22, 2021


Written and produced by Julie Hoverson

Carol wakes in a strange dark room, with a man she's never seen before - and when the questions start to fly, there's lives at stake.

Carol - Beverly Poole
Thaddeus - Cole Hornaday
Madame Foulet - Julie Hoverson
Tour Guide - Julie Hoverson

Music:  Kevin MacLeod (
Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
Sound effects found on
Cover Photos:  Front - Nazareth Maceda  (courtesy of Stock

"What kind of a place is it?  Why, it's a residential hotel,
sometime between the two World Wars, can't you tell?"





[Olivia, host]

Carol (20F), urban songbird

Thaddeus (20-30M), deep south

Madame Foulet (50-60F), calm older lady

Crowd Noise (any)

Tour Guide (any)

OLIVIA    Did you have any trouble finding it?  What do you mean, what kind of a place is it?  Why, it's a residential hotel, can't you tell?


NOTE:  there are no definite "scene changes" in this episode - characters slide in and out of scenes without any break until the very end.  Scene changes are marked only when Foulet enters and leaves



CAROL   [waking up noises]  Mmm.  Oh.  [suddenly sitting up]  What!  [panicking]  Where--

THADDEUS   Don' you worry none.  You safe now.

CAROL   Safe?  Why--?  Who are you?  I-I don't know you.  [rising hysteria]  Is this... your room? 

THADDEUS   Calm yourself, now, miss.  I be all the way over here.  No threat to you, I promise. 

CAROL   But I -- how did I get here?  What's going on?  [whimper of pain]  Ahh!  My side.  What.. happened?

THADDEUS   Probly a bruise.  You was attacked, miss.  In the stairs.  I spect he hit you some.  I got you outta there and din't have no other place to put you.  You been out cold.

CAROL   [calming a bit, but still in pain]  You rescued me?  [deep breath]  Oh, goodness that hurts.  Well, thank y--  [sharp]  In the stairs, you said?

THADDEUS   Yes miss.  I heared you start--  Well, I heared it when you screamed.  The stairwell, it echoes somethin fierce.

CAROL   I guess I'm lucky you were there.

THADDEUS   Well, I was kind of listenin fer you, miss.

CAROL   Listening?

THADDEUS    [aw shucks]  I got a lot of time on my hands during days, and one time a while back I heared you singin in there, so sometimes I jest ... wait.

CAROL   [pleased and embarrassed]  Oh.  Thank you.  But--  But, do you think -- the creep who attacked me... was...?

THADDEUS   I don' see the papers much, miss, but even I heared about that there Stairway Stabber.  I'm pretty sure that was the fella, all right.

CAROL   They say he's already killed at least eight girls!

THADDEUS   That they do.  At least.

CAROL   Oh!  Oh, goodness.  I - I could have been murdered! 

THADDEUS   [quiet]  Yes'm.

CAROL   You saved me? 

THADDEUS   I did what I could, miss.  You was right out before I done got there.

CAROL   I -- I don't remember ... well, anything, really.  Um, what should I call you?  Your name.  I mean. 

THADDEUS   I understand, miss.  You can call me Thaddeus.  Tha's my name.

CAROL   And you live in my building?

THADDEUS   More years'n I care to count.  I mostly jest keep an eye on things.  Don' you worry now, I don' take up much space.

CAROL   I didn't mean to imply--

THADDEUS   It's understandable, miss.  I don' much look like I belong here.

CAROL   Please.  I don't want to sound like a snob.  I'm really just overwhelmed.  And you can call me Carol, if you'd like.  I mean, you don't have to call me "miss" all the time.

THADDEUS   I'd be right pleased to, Miss Carol.

CAROL   [forced laugh]  Just Carol, Thaddeus.  No miss.  Please.

THADDEUS   Don' seem quite respectful, miss Carol.


SCENE 2.  

MADAME   [filter]  Is there anyone here?

THADDEUS   By golly, she early.

CAROL   What was that?

THADDEUS   This lady wanna ask about what happened.  She with the police.

CAROL   But I don't remember--

THADDEUS   And I din't see much, but we gots to talk to her.  You gon' be all right?  I can hep you.

CAROL   [standing]  Well, I'm a little wobbly, but I'm game, I guess. 


CAROL   But, my head -- it's amnesia.  I'm sure of it.

THADDEUS   You might be surprised what all come back to you if a body ask the right questions.  Come on now.

SOUND   Door opens.  Footsteps continue.

CAROL   Why is the room so dark?  I can barely see her.

NOTE:     [unless otherwise mentioned, Madame sounds very calm and speaks almost in a sing song voice.]

MADAME   Ah.  [deep breath]  I mean you no harm.  Please come and speak with me.  Am I addressing Carol Bournemouth?

CAROL   Why yes.  [to Thaddeus]  Did you--  [puzzled]  Oh... no, I only just told you my name.

THADDEUS   I said she with the police.  She know a lot.

MADAME   Carol, I want to hear what happened to you yesterday.

CAROL   Yesterday?  I was knocked out for a whole day?

THADDEUS   Shh now, and answer, miss Carol.

CAROL   Oh.  I really don't....  I don't remember a darn thing.  He -- Thaddeus -- said I was attacked in the stairwell.  I think I was hit on the head. 

SOUND   Very distant sound of someone knocking on a door.

CAROL   Amnesia.  I don't remember a thing!  Really!

MADAME   Calm down, Carol.  There is no need to-- 

CAROL   I'm...sorry. 

MADAME   Ah, good.  Everything is all right now.  You are safe.  It is safe to remember.  Think of it like a movie, and you are the projector.  The projector can stop a movie, Carol.  The projector can simply freeze on a single frame, and the movie never has to reach its end.  Have you ever seen that happen, Carol?

CAROL   Why is she talking like that? 

THADDEUS   Can they really just up and stop a movin' picture?  That would be somethin' to see.

CAROL   Not very exciting, really.  It's -- well, it's just a slide, then. 

MADAME   [sharp]  Carol!  [calm again]  I need you to concentrate.  What is the last thing you remember?

CAROL   [pain]  Oh!  [deep breaths]

SOUND   Knocking on door again.

THADDEUS    Just a minute, ma'am.  She got a stitch.

MADAME   Relax Carol.  Relax.  Remember, you are the projector, and the movie can stop long before anything unpleasant happens.  Just take it one frame at a time, Carol.  Do you remember going into the stairwell?  Picture the door for me.  You push open the door and step in.  There are five flights of stairs below you, but you walk them every day, don't you?  You walk them--

CAROL   It's slimming. 

MADAME   You begin to walk down the stairs, just as usual.  One step, then another.

CAROL   The way she talks--

MADAME   You pass the fourth floor door.  Nothing there for you. 

THADDEUS   She just tryin to help.

MADAME   One brisk step in front of another--

CAROL   [getting agitated]  But it's like-- it's like she's trying to hypnotize me!

SOUND   Knocking on door, slightly louder.

MADAME   Passing the baby carriage the Joneses leave tucked into the corner of the third floor landing--

THADDEUS   Don' know nothin 'bout that, but I spect she think it'a help you 'member what happened.

MADAME   All the way around to the next set of stairs--

CAROL   STOP IT.  I don't want to be hypnotized!  I don't want to--  [pain] Aaagh!  Whatever happened, I don't want to remember it, you hear?  Do you HEAR me?

SOUND   Muffled and distant:  Strange thumping and crashing noises.  Particularly, a noise like someone pounding on a door, and a crash of a broken glass.


SCENE 3.  

THADDEUS   Shh, listen, miss Carol.  Shh.

CAROL   What was that?  Something broke?

THADDEUS   Don't pay it no mind.  They's some noisy neighbors in this building.

CAROL   But-- It's-- it's gone now.

THADDEUS   Yes'm.  Never lasts.  Just so long as someone done got a mad on.  Then it blow over. 


THADDEUS   You gon' try and answer the lady, now?

CAROL   What?  No, no Thaddeus, I can't.  I don't remember anything, and when I try, oh, it hurts! 

THADDEUS   Look around.  Ain't no one here gon' hurt you, and that there pain in your side - well, a bruise is jest a bruise, ain't it?  Whatever caused it, that's all over now, and you safe. 

CAROL   Safe?

THADDEUS   I swear'n I won't let no one touch you.  The lady, she jest tryin to find out what you know so's the police can stop this fella.

CAROL   Oh.  Yes, you said she's with the police.

THADDEUS   Since I never saw none of his face, you the only one who can help.  You got to help stop this fella.

CAROL   She looks -- awfully tired.

THADDEUS   [gently]  You been wearin her out a bit with your temper.


SCENE 4.  

CAROL   Oh.  I'll try and do better.  You're-- sure it's safe?

THADDEUS   She said you the projector, miss Carol, you can--

MADAME    [a bit gravelly]  Shall we continue?  Ahem.  [normal, not sing song] Carol.  If you will not help, please let me know.  I want to work you through this, but your resistance--

CAROL   I just don't know what I can do!  I'm frustrated too, you know.  I can't remember a thing about--  [realizing]  Oh.

MADAME   Yes?  Continue.

CAROL   I was in a hurry.  On my way to a job interview.  Or was that Tuesday?

MADAME   Yesterday was Tuesday, yes.

CAROL   Oh!  So I was dashing down the stairs, quick as I could -- I'm faster than the elevator, you see.  That old thing.  [chuckles]  I swear it's pulled by mice.

THADDEUS    [chuckles]

MADAME   Can you remember how far you got?  Did you reach the second floor landing?

CAROL   Second floor.  Hmm.  I -- yes!  Little Billy from 203 keeps dropping gum wrappers in there, and I was thinking--  [gasp of pain]

MADAME   [gasp of pain]

SOUND   distant, barrage of knocks on a door.

THADDEUS   Miss Carol?  Miss Carol, come on -- you tough.  You can do this.  No old stitch gon' slow you down.  Here, take my hand.  Right there, now you squeeze.  Squeeze out all that bad old pain. 

CAROL   No!  No, I--

THADDEUS   [hiss intake of breath]  Good.  You keep on squeezin long as you need. 

CAROL   [several quick breaths, then one deep one]  I think  --  Thaddeus, I think that's when he hit me.  He must have hit me real hard.

MADAME   [deep breath]  Carol.  I need to stop for now.  I will return soon.  While I'm gone, can you try and remember?

CAROL   I'll try...

MADAME   Goodbye.  [NO footsteps or door]

SOUND   brief, vague rumble of voices, nothing clear.


SCENE 5.  

CAROL   Are they having a party?


CAROL   Your neighbors.

THADDEUS   Might could be.  You doin' all right?

CAROL   Sorry to be such a baby about all this.  When it hurts - well it really hurts.

THADDEUS   I know.  Get myself the same thing in my neck sometimes.

CAROL   Oh?  [beat, changing subject]  So, do you know her?  The woman asking the questions?

THADDEUS    A bit.  She Madame Foulet and work for police, I do know that.  Some years back, she asked me a coupla questions. 

CAROL   About what?

THADDEUS    Somethin I seen ... way back when. 

CAROL   She seems kind of old to be a police matron or whatever she is. 

THADDEUS   She one of a kind, I guess.  they cain't afford to retire her.

CAROL   Is she a hypnotist?  Was I right?

THADDEUS   I don' know nothin about that, miss.  I spect you probly mostly right.

CAROL   [decisive]  Well.  If I want this guy caught - and boy do I want him caught, especially if he's the one who killed all those girls - I better get cracking and remember something.

SOUND   pacing footsteps

CAROL   In the movies, if you hit your head and get amnesia, you can hit your head again to get your memory back. 

THADDEUS   I don' guess it work that way in real life, miss.

CAROL   I have got to stop being a whiny baby about this - after all, I survived, didn't I?

THADDEUS   [dubious]  Well--

CAROL   So, it's all in the past and I shouldn't be frightened.  Oh. 


CAROL   Unless he decides to come back -- to make sure I can't identify him.

THADDEUS   He won't never find you now.  I promise you that.

CAROL   Really?  You didn't... 

THADDEUS   Din't what, miss?

CAROL   No, no.  You said you never even--

THADDEUS   [amused]  You thinkin I mighta kilt him?  I know I'm a big fella, but I cain't--

CAROL   I meant it as a compliment.

THADDEUS   I guess so. 

CAROL   Did you have to ... fight him off?  I mean, to save me?

THADDEUS    [distinctly uncomfortable]  Nah.  When he caught sight a me, he jest run. 

CAROL   [smiling]  You do look pretty intimidating.

THADDEUS   Nah.  Look, you should be tryin' t'member--

CAROL   [sigh]  I know, but this takes my mind off it.  I figure, it's like a word at the tip of your tongue.  When you THINK about it SO HARD that you feel like your brain may be squeezed out your ears, it never comes.  Then, the minute your mind is off it, voila!  The word tumbles right out.

THADDEUS   That sounds 'bout right.

CAROL   I need to get into the stairwell.  That'll really jog my memory.

SOUND   Rapid footsteps.  Doorknob turns, but doesn't open.

CAROL   What?  Why is the door locked? 

THADDEUS   I reckon it's jest stuck, miss.  [worried] But you really don' wanna go into the stairwell.  I- I promise you that.

CAROL   Open this door!  I don't like being locked in here--

THADDEUS   With me?

CAROL   What?  No, no.  No-- It's got nothing to do with you, Thaddeus.  I like you.  I just [SOUND: pounds once on door] don't [pound] like [pound, weakening] being [more of a smack] locked [tap] in [tap].


SCENE 6.  

MADAME   [slightly off mike] Good.  We can begin again.

CAROL   What?  Where'd she...?

THADDEUS   Madame said she jest needed a lil break.  She didn't say she was goin' off no place.

CAROL   But she was gone.

THADDEUS   It's real dark in here.  I never heared her go. 

CAROL   Then she must have listened to everything we said.

THADDEUS   I spect she jest shut up her eyes and her ears and took a lil nap, miss. 

MADAME   May we proceed?

CAROL   [sigh] Yes.  [fierce] Yeah, I want this fiend drawn and quartered!

SOUND   distant brief chuckle, like several people in another room.

MADAME   Now, Carol.  We'll start with something easy.  I want you to be comfortable.  I want you to remember something very pleasant. 

CAROL   Pleasant?

MADAME   Think back to a time when you were happy.

CAROL   [thinking]  Oh! No, no - that's too silly. 

MADAME   The first thing that comes to mind, Carol.

CAROL   Well, I was very sick once, when I was little - measles, I think, but I don't remember too well - Just the itching.  Oh, how it itched!  Mama gave me sweet tea each night she came home and didn't see any scratches on me.  If I could just control myself, I could have sweet tea.  [pause] Of course, I fooled her - I learned to scratch around.

THADDEUS   Scratch around?

CAROL   Yes.  Maybe it was chicken pox.  But anyway, if you scratch around the spots, it stops some of the itch, but doesn't look like you've been scratching. 

THADDEUS   Your best memory is of feelin poorly?

CAROL   No, don't be silly.  She just asked me for a memory of a happy time, and it was... oddly enough.  I got sweet tea, AND I fooled my mother.  [giggle]

SOUND   distant chuckles

CAROL   Sounds like they're having a whale of a time over there.

MADAME   Very good Carol.  You sound like you feel better now.  I need you to keep this feeling of well-being with you while we try again.

CAROL   I still don't think it will work.


CAROL   All right.

MADAME   Ignore any pain.  Ignore any fear.  Ignore any interruptions.  Ignore any distractions.  We must find this man.  We must find him and stop him.  [beat]  You have just reached the second floor landing.  What do you see, Carol?

CAROL   [breathing rapidly]  I see the gum wrappers.  Little brat.  Then a shadow.  I hardly ever see people - oh! - on the stairs.  [groans] 

MADAME   Continue, please.

THADDEUS   Take my hand, Carol, jest like before.  Thass a girl.

SOUND   very distant knocking and shuffling noises.

CAROL   [whining gasp, obviously in pain]  I turn around, and there's a flash - like sunlight on water. 

MADAME   Ignore the flash.  Look only at the face. 

SOUND   knocking and shuffling noises get louder, nearer.

CAROL   No!  No I can't  - it hurts too much!

THADDEUS   Yes you can.  You gots to.  You the only one left behind - none of them other girls can say nothin, but you - you got yourself a chance to be a hero, now. 

CAROL   Are you sure he can't come back and get me?

SOUND   glass breaks

THADDEUS   Sure as I'm sittin here wit you, miss.  He cain't never even touch you - no way, no how.

MADAME   Carol!  Stop the movie!  You need to stop it and look!  Break the film in your mind, so there IS NO END.  Nothing but the face.

CAROL   No, I can't!

SOUND   heavy pounding, neighbors getting upset.

THADDEUS   Shh.  Shh.  You takin my hand right off, miss Carol.

SOUND   ALL sounds stop abruptly.

CAROL   It's a knife, isn't it?


CAROL    He's holding a knife, but it's on my right - my right...  Oh No!  Oh, Thaddeus, I'm--

SOUND   distant knocking begins again.

THADDEUS   That ain't nothing, miss Carol.  You gots to see it's just hysteria.

SOUND   Knocking gets louder

CAROL   [in tears]  But I'm bleeding!  I have to get to a doctor!

THADDEUS   They ain't no blood, miss.  Not a chance of it.  It's all in ya' head, see?

CAROL   No, look, my side, it hurts--

THADDEUS   Shh.  I don' see no blood.

SOUND   knocking begins to recede

CAROL    No blood?

THADDEUS   Not a bit of it. 

CAROL   [deep breath]  All right.  [realization]  Oh!  But if I saw a knife in his hand, on my right, then he must be left-handed!  That's important, isn't it?

MADAME   [very tired]  Very ...good.  I must have another rest.  We shall speak again.  Goodbye.


SCENE 7.   

CAROL   How does she do that?


CAROL   She just -- it was like she just wrapped some of the darkness around her and vanished.

THADDEUS   She probly jest turned off a light.  You doin all right?

CAROL   No.  My side hurts.  I want to go home.

THADDEUS   Got to finish first.  This GOT to be done.

CAROL   I know, but-- [begins to weep]

THADDEUS   I shore do like that song Poor Papa you sing sometimes.

CAROL   [surprised]  What? 

THADDEUS   I heared you sing it over and over one day, so I got it near enough memorized myself.

CAROL   [sniffs, but no longer crying]  I was getting ready for an audition.  No one can hear me in the stairwell, so it doesn't bother anyone if I practice there. 

THADDEUS   And that song -- that song is jest plain funny.  When mama gets to ride in the car--

CAROL   [cheering up] Oh, yes, when "papa bought a limousine, the most expensive kind, now he wears a chauffeur's suit, and mama rides behind!"

THADDEUS   [laughing]  Thassa one, thassa one gets me every time.  One tough female, mama is.

CAROL   You really listen to me?

THADDEUS   Whenever I hears you in the stair, I'm there quick as all get out, tucked up high so's not to bother you or, well, make you afeared.

CAROL   Oh, I'm not afraid of you.

THADDEUS    You probly would be if'n we hadn't talked first. 

CAROL   [beat] I wish I could say you were wrong.  [deep breath]  Thank you.

THADDEUS   Fer what?

CAROL   For the distraction.

THADDEUS   [teasing]  Is that what I's doin?  I thought I was complimentin you on your singin, thass all.

CAROL   Don't act dopey. 

THADDEUS   You up to tryin again? 

CAROL   Maybe...  Should we see if she'll come back?

THADDEUS   Nah.  Jest try right here.  Maybe SHE the one makin it hard fer you to think.  You come up with somethin now, you can always tell her when she come back.


CAROL   [beat]  This is futile.


CAROL   [revving up]  Futile.  Pointless!  Hopeless! 

THADDEUS   You know what you needs?  You needs to scratch around.

CAROL   What?

THADDEUS   You cain't scratch the spot what itches, cause that jest get you into trouble.  Scratch around

CAROL   [realizing]  Thaddeus, you're brilliant!  [beat]  But, how CAN I think around--? 

THADDEUS   Mebbe... you ever see them funny pictures with an artist, and he holdin up his thumb?  How bout if you hold up ya' thumb - block out the part you gots to scratch around.

CAROL   I think I see -- Just look at the edges, because the middle is too scary.


CAROL   I see the door to the second floor hallway.  It's off to my left.  I see the light fixture on the wall.

THADDEUS   Don' worry about no lights.

CAROL   Right.  I see a [deep breath] a hat - no a cap, like a deliveryman would wear.  It's [breathes quickly for a moment]  blue- I think it's blue--

SOUND   Thud, like a body drop.

THADDEUS   Calm now, Miss Carol.

CAROL   --and hair, blonde?  Or maybe light brown. 


SCENE 8.  

MADAME   Be calm, Carol.

CAROL   Yes, a deliveryman.  I remember!  I was thinking it must have been a small package, since he was coming up the stairs instead of the elevator, when-- [hollow, pained] oh!

SOUND   LOUDEST thumpings and rattlings yet.  they CONTINUE until noted.


THADDEUS   S'all right.

CAROL   Oh!  No, but Thaddeus--

THADDEUS   I understand.  I promise you, I do.

CAROL   But--


CROWD   [reactions - gasps, a scream.]

CAROL   But, he ... he killed me, didn't he?  [beat] Didn't he Thaddeus?

SOUND   Deep creaking & cracking noises.

CROWD   [reacts again]

MADAME   Carol.  I need to end this now.  Goodbye.

SOUND   Sudden silence.


SCENE 9.  

CAROL   Thaddeus?

THADDEUS   Yes, miss Carol?

CAROL   [calm] I'm right, aren't I?

THADDEUS   I spect you'd rather not be, but -- yes.  You dead, too.

CAROL   Too?

THADDEUS   I wished I coulda stopped him, I truly do - but they ain't nothin much a ghost can do!  Jest makin him see me was hard enough, and I was ... too late...

CAROL   But, what do I do now?  Do I go somewhere?

THADDEUS   [rueful laugh] If'n I had an answer fer that, miss Carol, I spect I wouldn't be here talkin wit' you.



SCENE 10.  

TOUR GUIDE   [clearly reading]  And here we are at stop number 12 on the haunted hotel tour, the Garibaldi Residential Suites -- rumored to be home to a plethora of ghosts, including a baby in the basement, a chain rattling spook in suite 405, a runaway slave, and the poor girl who was the final victim of the stairway stabber - and can sometimes be heard singing in the stairwells.


OLIVIA   Now that you know how to find us, you'll have to come back.  Maybe next week?  Don't be a stranger - we have enough of those already...


"Poor Papa" lyrics by Billy Rose, 1926.