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19 Nocturne Boulevard

19 Nocturne Boulevard is an award-winning anthology audio drama series that ran from 2008 through 2013, and then went into deep hibernation.

STILL working on that Comeback!!

Also the creator of Fatal Girl, Bingo the Birthday Clown, The Deadeye Kid, The Lovecraft 5, The Prisoner of Hancock House, The Decadence of Borrowed Silk, Eternal Dusk Roulette, and Atomic Julie's Galactic Bedtime Stories.                                                        Join our awesome Patreon supporters!

Oct 13, 2022

[NOTE: Outdated and non-PC terminology regarding mental issues]

Written and produced by Julie Hoverson

"Not guilty by reason of insanity" sounds like an easy out to murderer Edmund - but when he checks into Dr. Larson's mental hospital, he gets much more than he bargained for.

Cast List
Edmund/Achilles - Kim Turner
Preacher Ronald - Pat McNally
Rose Connelly - Joy Jackson
Hector - Cole Hornaday
Dr. Larson - Marge Lutton
Terrance - Greg Porter
Lawyer - Sigmund Hoverson
Ape man - Reynaud LeBoeuf
District Attorney - Melinda Mains
Also heard - Julie Hoverson

Music:  Kevin MacLeod (
Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson
Sound effects found on
Cover Photos:  Front - Witek Burkiewicz (via Stock

"What kind of a place is it? 
Why, it's an insane asylum - can't you tell? 
Where else would you find... a murderer?"




OLIVIA, the host

EDMUND Rafelsen (M/30s) - evil alter ego "Achilles"

RUDY Horton, Esq. (M/50s) - Edmund's lawyer

TERRANCE (M/20s) - the guard

ROSE Connelly (F/20s) - paranoid, hears voices

HECTOR Wilson (M/20s) - phobic, fears women

RONALD Tomlinson (M/40s) - believes he's obeying god

VINCENT (M/any) - frightening, violently crazy

DOCTOR Sara LARSON (F/40s) - psychiatrist

CROWD, GIRL, MOM, KID - any voices

DISTRICT ATTORNEY - District Attorney

OLIVIA    Did you have any trouble finding it?  What do you mean, what kind of a place is it?  Why, it's an insane asylum, can't you tell?  Where else would you find ...a murderer? 


OLIVIA    [voice over]  "Not guilty by reason of insanity".  A legal defense, often misused to try and get a lighter sentence for a heinous crime.  And what does it really mean?  In a nutshell--



RUDY    --it means at the time you did what you did, you didn't - couldn't - understand what you were doing was wrong.  It's a tough sell, Ed.  No matter what the movies make out, most juries just don't believe--

EDMUND    [cultured voice]  Mr. Horton, I would prefer that you address me directly when you speak to me.

RUDY    Ed, this isn't funny.

EDMUND    There is no "Ed" here.  Edmund, however, is sleeping.  Mr. Horton, if you cannot bring yourself to use my name, at least--

RUDY    OK, look--

SOUND    rustling paper

RUDY    [disapproving]  --Achilles - I--

EDMUND    And I am not insane.  Nor is Edmund.  I knew perfectly well what I did was wrong.  All those pretty little women.  I was really doing them a favor.  The world is so harsh.

RUDY    I--  Look, Achilles, let me talk to Ed for a while.  It's his name on the docket, after all.

EDMUND    Very well.  I shall rouse him for you.  [voice changes to more lower class - after this, he speaks as Ed any time not otherwise noted]  Yeah?  What is it shyster?  Hey!  Why's my cigarette all burned down all of a sudden?




crowd    [MURMURS]

SOUND    gavel

DOCTOR Larson    Ahem.  As I said, after a thorough examination, I have concluded that while Edmund is nominally the dominant persona, his alter ego Achilles was the one who actually committed... [fade out]




sound    footsteps on tile.  jingle of keys

TERRANCE    Guess you think you're lucky, eh?

SOUND    door unlocks

EDMUND    And why's that?

SOUND    door opens

inmates    [AD LIB, MURMURS "IN CHARACTER" see monologues at end]

EDMUND    What the--?

TERRANCE    Your new pals, bub.  As I was saying, I guess you THINK you're lucky, getting off without the death penalty and all.  Come on.

SOUND    slow footsteps

EDMUND    Look mac, I thought I was gonna have a private room--

TERRANCE    These are the induction cells.  Once the Doc gets a handle on your syko-sees, she'll move you to someplace appropriate.

EDMUND    She? 

SOUND    footsteps stop

TERRANCE    Sure.  You saw her at your trial - Doctor Larson.  She's got some big-brain new ideas about how ta deal with luniacks like yourself. 

SOUND    keys JINGLE. 

TERRANCE    Your room, misshur.

SOUND    cell unlocks, DOOR opens.

EDMUND    But, but there's a DAME in here.  Ain't we supposed to be--

TERRANCE    Funny thing about that.  Dames go off the pier too.  And we're overbooked in that department.  She probly won't be here long.  Besides, she's waaaay over there.  She can't hurt you.

SOUND    footsteps

HECTOR    [fading in - urgent milktoast]  --he's right.  She shouldn't be in here.  You don't understand the damage they can do.  [fading] Women are--

RONALD    [fading in, hissing whispers]  ‑‑have new instructions.  It is time for you to let me go.  HE has declared it.  [fading]  My presence is required--

SOUND    footsteps end, jingle of keys

ROSE    [fading in] --staring at me.  Are you sure they can't get out?  Please, would you check the locks again?  [fading]  I'm so afraid--

SOUND    door opens and shuts.

inmates    [MOMENT OF SILENCE]

ROSE    [sigh]

RONALD    [normal, husky voice]  Hey.  New guy.  Got any smokes?

EDMUND    What?

RONALD    Smokes. 

EDMUND    Even if I did, they wouldn't let us have any matches, would they?

ROSE    [hard dame]  Who are you kidding?  You can get pretty much anything in here, just as long as you know who to ask.  And HOW to ask it.

EDMUND    Funny, you sounded crazy a minute ago.

ROSE    [snort]  Yeah, well.  We all have our bad days...  [raising voice slightly]  And some never have good days, right Heck?

HECTOR    Wicked Jezebel.  You shouldn't be here.

ROSE    [to Edmund]  We're pretty sure that Hector there is the real McCoy. 

RONALD    Now, now.  We're ALL nuts.  We must keep that in mind.

ROSE    Yeah, but THAT guy - he just never lets up!

EDMUND    But if you ain't crazy--

RONALD    [chuckles]  Court says we are.  Even with moments of lucidity, well--  What can they do?

EDMUND    What if they're listening?  Recording, maybe?

ROSE    I thought I was the one with the persecution complex.

RONALD    I've been trying to catch them for over a month.  Nothing doing.  They're just not interested.  Besides, once the jury brings down the verdict, the court has to keep you locked you up until they cure you.

ROSE    OR you give up and confess.

RONALD    Oh, sure.  [sarcastic]  I'll just admit it was all phony, take my lumps and go to the Chair! 

EDMUND    What if one of you decides to squeal?

ROSE    [laughs]  Who'd take the word of a head case?

HECTOR    If you try and spit your fiendish poison at me, fiend, I shall find a way to defend myself!

rose    [disgusted sigh]  I am real sick of him. 

RONALD    He probably had a bad mother.

ROSE    Yeah?  Well who didn't?

EDMUND    The guard said I'd only be in here for a little while--

RONALD    Yeah.  Us too.  I've now been here for two months, and Rose--

ROSE    Rose Connelly, p'raps you hearda me?

EDMUND    YOU'RE Rose Connelly?

rose    [pleased]  Yeah.  The one and only.  My sister's got a scrapbook of clippings for me.  She can't bring them, but she tells me all about them when she visits. 

RONALD    Rose's been here about three weeks.  Since her sentencing.

EDMUND    And Romeo over there?

ROSE    Hah!  Cute.  Two incredibly long days. 

EDMUND    And...this is it?

RONALD    What?

EDMUND    This is what we get?  I mean, in prison they at least get some kind of exercise and stuff.  Geneva convention, and all that. 

ROSE    Ah, it's just temporary.  I guess the loony bins are all booked up right now.  [giggles]  Say, maybe there's a convention in town.

RONALD    Don't worry.  We get to talk to the Doc each day, regular as clockwork.  She's a sweetheart, but I bet Hector isn't making any improvements.

HECTOR    [matter of fact]  Doctor?  She's the devil!  I refuse to give her the satisfaction of a single word.

ROSE    [derisive]  "Doctor," hah!  She's the one that let me get myself in here.  I thought it would be real tough to fool a head shrinker, but boy was she a pushover.  Always so sympathetic.  So understanding.  She don't deserve to be a nurse, let alone a doctor. 

RONALD    Funny, she testified at my trial too.  Hmm.  Guess we both got lucky.

EDMUND    [absently]  Yeah.  Lucky.




DOCTOR Larson    Edmund, I can't help you if you refuse to cooperate. 

EDMUND    [as Achilles]  I am trying my utmost, madam, but he simply refuses to converse with you.

DOCTOR Larson    [not batting an eye]  Then let's you and I talk, Achilles.  You claim that the killing was--

EDMUND    [as Achilles]  Killings.  Let us be precise.  Mercy killings, actually.  [fading]  I felt so kindly‑‑




SOUND    SNORING from all inmates

SOUND    scritching, like a mouse trying to bore through wood

EDMUND    [snores, then wakes, frightened]  Ah! ah!  What?


RONALD    Shh.  You'll wake the neighbors.

EDMUND    What was that?  But that noise - it's--

RONALD    I know.  We call him Mortimer.

EDMUND    This place has mice?

RONALD    We haven't seen him, so we're not sure what particular type of rodentia he is, but we sure hear him.  Particularly when it's quiet. 

EDMUND    But how can I get any sleep--?

RONALD    You get used to it.  We all get used to lots of things.

HECTOR    [coming awake with a scream]  Aaagh!  Off me, you fiend from hell!  No! No! [goes on incoherently]

ROSE    [Wakes with a whimper]


EDMUND    That'll take some getting used to.

RONALD    Yeah.




DOCTOR Larson    Edmund, why don't you tell me about your mother?

EDMUND    [as Edmund]  My mother?  What - why?  My mother's fine.  She got nothing to do with this.

DOCTOR Larson    Do you love your mother?

EDMUND    Well, o'course.  I mean, you gotta - it's just nature, ain't it?  [trailing off with] No matter... what... she does t'you.

DOCTOR LARSON    What did your mother do, Edmund?  [beat]  Edmund?

EDMUND    [as Achilles]  It's no use, doctor.  He has gone into retreat.




SOUND    cell block door opens

INMATES    [begin their various muttering]

TERRANCE    This way folks.  Step lively now.


HECTOR    What is this?  How dare you bring in more of THEM!  Mischief!  Mischief!

ROSE    [aside, shocked, not pretending] What's a kid doing here?

MOM    Tommy, now look at that - that's what crazy folks look like.

KID    Gee.

TERRANCE    [like a carnival barker] Not just any crazy folks, lady, these are all crazy murderers!

CROWD    Ooh!

TERRANCE    Each and every one of these... people... has committed the most heinous of crimes!

GIRL    Wow, look at that one over there, he's kinda cute--!

HECTOR    Harlot!  Harlot!  Do not approach, or I must smite thee down!

GIRL    What's smite - is that bad?

TERRANCE    Best to stay away from the bars.  Now, this here is Rose Connolly, known throughout the entire state--

ROSE    [seriously disturbed] Stop looking at me!  How can you--?  Get them outta here, wontcha? 

TERRANCE    --For killing her husband while under the inexorable compulsion of a persecution complex.

ROSE    This isn't right!

GIRL    What's inexcorable - is that bad?

MOM    Killing your man - now, that ain't right!

RONALD    Come, come, now - leave her, she is unimportant, aha!  But I - I have a message to give unto you.





ROSE    [Breaks down]  Oh!

RONALD    How mortifying.

ROSE    [sobbing]  Like animals in a zoo. 

EDMUND    I'm surprised they didn't start throwing us peanuts.

RONALD    I tried to get them away from you, Rose, I really did.  But big headlines trumps preaching, I guess.

HECTOR    This should stand as a warning to you, woman!  You are never alone!  There is always a witness to the wicked things you do!

ROSE    I have had just about enough out of you!  You-- noisy little weasel!  We girls, we're just folks just like everybody else - you have no right to--

RONALD    Rose, calm down.  Shh.  It's not going to help.

EDMUND    Yeah.  For crying out loud, we've made it this far, how much worse can it get? 




EDMUND    [as Achilles]  It was mortifying for Edmund, Doctor.  I think he may have suffered a terrible setback.

DOCTOR    Now, the tours are conducted for very good reasons.

EDMUND    What, pray tell?

DOCTOR    It's really not something we should be discussing, but - since you are so concerned - First, it is to show the public that this facility is on the up and up - you've certainly heard of the old fashioned "asylums" where inmates were neglected and beaten?  This way, nothing is hidden - so no abuses occur--

EDMUND    [almost breaking character]  No abuses?

DOCTOR    Also, it helps to make insanity seem less frightening to the general public.  Most people have seen insanity only in movies - where it is so inevitably terribly destructive and dangerous.  This way, they see the human side of it.

EDMUND    [as Achilles] I see that your intentions are admirable, but I can't help but think that a trip through the violent ward would merely reinforce the negative popular belief?

DOCTOR    That's why the tour through the violent ward is only for serious students of psychology.  [fading]  You must have misunderstood.




SOUND    cell block door opens

RONALD    And the lord said--

ROSE    Can't you make them stop staring?

SOUND    footsteps, door closes


sound    cell door opens

EDMUND    [Achilles]  Thank you, my good man.

SOUND    cell door closes, footsteps.  then a scuffle!

HECTOR    [struggling]  Give it to me! 

TERRANCE    [struggling]  Leave go, you ape!

HECTOR    [struggling]  I have to-- oof! [air knocked out of him]

SOUND    two footsteps.  dusting off hands

TERRANCE    That'll show you to tangle with me. 

HECTOR    [weak]  Yes, but ... I have your gun.

ROSE    [scream] 

EDMUND    Stop him Ron - you're closest!

SOUND    Gun shot

TERRANCE    Aargh!

ROSE    Oh no!  No!

HECTOR    [calm and creepy] The next one is for you, Delilah!  Salome!

ROSE    Me?  I didn't do anything-- [gasps]

inmates    [GASP]


RONALD    Who put out the lights?

HECTOR    It was the monster - Lilith, devourer of infants! 

SOUND    Pssst of gas

EDMUND    Do you... hear... [getting sleepy] Some...thing...?




EDMUND    [waking up]  Hmm?  Wha--?

RONALD    [groans]

ROSE    [wakes with a startled gasp]

EDMUND    What happened?

RONALD    At least the lights are back on.

ROSE    But I don't wanna open my eyes.

EDMUND    Look!

RONALD    Where?  [disgust]  Oh!

ROSE    Just ... just tell me, I don't wanna--

EDMUND    Better you don't look, Rose.  [muttered]  That's a lot of blood.

RONALD    [muttered back]  You don't lose that much and walk away.  Too bad.  Terry was a right guy.

ROSE    Blood?  Oh, no!  Hector?  Where is he?  He's going to shoot me!

RONALD    Calm down, Rose.  He's gone.

EDMUND    So's the guard.  There's just the... blood.


DOCTOR Larson    [filter/loudspeaker]  We apologize for the inconvenience of using a psychotropic gas on you. 

EDMUND    Gas?

DOCTOR Larson    [filter]  Rest assured there will be no long-term effects. 

EDMUND    That was what I heard.

DOCTOR Larson    [filter]  If you are feeling groggy or your head aches, sit quietly, breath deeply, and it will pass.


ROSE    [breathing deeply but raggedly]  It wasn't our fault - they haveta know that! 

EDMUND    It's not like we're a bunch of babes in the woods.  They may know what happened and just not care.

ROSE    So just because I killed my husband, I;m gonna - I'm gonna hurt a random stranger?  That's silly.

RONALD    [chuckles]  No.  Just insane, m'dear. 




RUDY    I don't see any way to--

EDMUND    What?  This is cruel and inhumane--

RUDY    You don't understand, Ed.  [dry]  It is Ed I'm talking to, isn't it?

EDMUND    Yeah, yeah.

RUDY    You are not a free citizen.  You've been consigned to DOCTOR Larson's care, and--

EDMUND    Now you don't understand, Horton.  A guard was killed last night, in our block--

RUDY    You didn't--?

EDMUND    Nah, it was this loony who thinks women are all evil.

RUDY    Which, of course, you don't--?

EDMUND    This ain't the time for that, Rudy.  I'm talking about a murder.

RUDY    There's no record of--

EDMUND    The corpse's name is Terry, Terrance, something like that.  He is - was - a guard here.  Come on, someone's gotta be doing something!

RUDY    I haven't seen anything in the papers.  These state-run facilities, though-- sometimes they're like a world in themselves.

EDMUND    Well get me another world.

RUDY    [chuckles]  There's only ONE way to do that.

EDMUND    Yes?

RUDY    Admit that you're not insane... and go to the chair.




SOUND    cell block door opens, rose's footsteps and a heavy set of man's footsteps, slow and measured.

ROSE    Can't you please stop looking at me?  I know why - I know why you're staring!  You can read my mind!

SOUND    keys jingle

EDMUND    [Achilles]  You are such a lovely young lady.  And so frightened.  Come to me and I shall cure you of all your fear.

SOUND    door unlocks, opens

rose    Stop!  Don't say things like that.  He never takes his eyes off of me, you know. 

RONALD    [quietly]  And he said unto me, for I am the way--

SOUND    rose's quick footsteps, door shuts, locks.

EDMUND    Hey, buddy, don't you talk?

SOUND    keys jingle.  Heavy footsteps leave

RONALD    Justice is ever mute.

SOUND    door opens, closes

INMATES    [beat]

EDMUND    What's with that guy?

RONALD    I hate being ignored like that.

ROSE    He didn't say anything in the halls - going to the doc's office OR coming back, either.  No matter what I did.

EDMUND    Did the doc say anything about the dead guard?

ROSE    Not a word, even though I asked.  She just ignored the question.

RONALD    She didn't ignore you completely, though?

ROSE    No... But she didn't say much.  Did she talk to you at all during your appointment?

RONALD    I didn't have an appointment with her this morning.

EDMUND    But you were gone--

RONALD    I wasn't going to say anything, but the guard just took me out and walked me around the halls for an hour. 




EDMUND    I got rights, Horton!

RUDY    Well, technically, no.  Actually, I could do more for you if you WERE in prison.  Once you're committed to the doctor's care, you really can't complain.  Particularly since you don't have any proof for any of your allegations--

EDMUND    Allegations?  Proof?  How's this for proof - the others will back me up!

RUDY    [condescending]  Two other certified inmates?  Oh, sure.  That'll stand up in court.




EDMUND    You guys ever wonder what they did with old Hector?

RONALD    Solitary confinement, I guess.  Killing a guard's pretty serious.

EDMUND    [sarcastic] Oh, yeah, unlike whatever it was we did to get here.

ROSE    Hey, I draw the line at killing strangers. 

EDMUND    Just your husband?

ROSE    Looking back, I guess it wasn't such a great idea.

RONALD    You guess?  Hah! You--

EDMUND    Why'd you do it, then?  Did he push you around or something?

ROSE    [snorts] Nah.  If he'd'a beaten me, I woulda had a defense in court.  Nah, it was just little things.  Like the sounds he makes when he eats - ate - and the thing with his toenails.  Us women have to put up with this kind of thing all the time, but...  It just got to me.

EDMUND    It just got to you? 

ROSE    Well, yeah! 

RONALD    There's a reason the marriage vows say until death do we part--

ROSE    AND I wasn't going to the chair for something like that, so I started pulling the "he was out to get me" hash on my lawyer, and it worked.  More or less.  Not like this joint is anything to write home about. 

RONALD    It wasn't so bad up until that guy Hector showed up.  Since then... well.

EDMUND    So who'd you kill?

SOUND    tinny chamber music begins to pipe in, very quietly.

RONALD    I don’t think so--

EDMUND    [pushing] Go on.  Who?

ROSE    Oh, leave off.  Hey, that's kind of nice.

RONALD    What? 

ROSE    The music.

RONALD    Hmm.  And if I prefer to maintain my right to avoid self-incrimination?

EDMUND    Geez.  Don't take it that way, I was just curious.  [pause]  I killed four women.

ROSE    Four?  Maybe I SHOULD be worried.


EDMUND    Oh, I put on a song and dance for the cops about how they needed to be killed to save them and all.  Making up a Mr. Hyde personality to take all the blame.  [beat]  Three of em were mob snitches. 

ronald    So what, you're a hit man?

EDMUND    I owed some money.  Shouldn't have got caught at all, seeing as how there was no connection between me and them, but the cops got something - fingerprints or something - and they tracked me down.

ROSE    And ...the fourth?

EDMUND    Huh?  [offhanded]  Oh, just some dame - I did her to throw off the connections and make myself look nuts.  I'd already figured on being caught - and better a whacko than a torpedo, ya know? 


RONALD    You are some piece of work.

EDMUND    Still casting stones, eh, preacher?  Why don't you explain how you got here--  What in the name of --- What IS that MUSIC?

ROSE    It was ok... to start with... but, now--!





SOUND    door lock unlocks, door opens.

RONALD    --said the offender must be plucked out!

SOUND    slow footsteps

EDMUND    I am so sick of this guy.

ROSE    Are you taking me away?  I know you've been watching me.

SOUND    rattle of large chain, stumbling footsteps

victor    [growls and snaps] 

sound    keys, cell door opens.

ROSE    [whispered]  Ed?  Ed?  That guy - is he even human?

EDMUND    [whispered]  Shh.  I dunno.

ROSE    [whispered]  But he's so... so huge!

SOUND    shuffling footsteps, chain rattling.

RONALD    The beast!  For I have seen--

victor    [growl - lunge]

SOUND    scuffle of feet, chains clang against bars.

RONALD    Aah! 

SOUND    scuffle away.

victor    [snarling]

SOUND    thunk of nightstick on flesh, rattle of chains

ROSE    He didn't-- it didn't even notice!  The guard hit it and hit it--  [screaming]  Get me out of here!  Please!  Please get me out of here! 

SOUND    cell door closes, locks, rattle of chains against bars

EDMUND    Shh.  He's not listening anyway.

ROSE    Anything!  Whatever you want!  [collapsing into sobs]  I can't take any more!

SOUND    guard's footsteps, keys, cell block door unlocked

ROSE    Please!  I'll admit everything!  Take me to the doctor - the lawyer - the JUDGE!  Anything!

SOUND    [beat]  footsteps, keys, cell door unlocks.

ROSE    [Breaking down] Oh... thank you.  Thank you...!




RUDY    --none of your business.  She's not my case.  Now, Ed, they can keep you locked up any way they want - with anyone they want - for as long as they want.  You're getting three squares a day, right?

EDMUND    Usually.  Sometimes it comes pretty late, though.  And there's been a couple of times it's been too salty to eat.

RUDY    So they have a crummy cook - place like this?  Go figure. 

EDMUND    You gotta get me out of here, Rudy.

RUDY    I've told you, there's no place else to put you.




RONALD    I think he's asleep.

EDMUND    It.  Rose called it an it.

RONALD    I asked the doctor about Rose.  The doc said a whole lot of nothing, but I get the impression she - Rose - has revealed all, as they say, and is heading for a short vacation in a nice clean death row cell.

EDMUND    Not so bad for her.  Women get pardoned all the time, specially pretty ones. 

RONALD    Yeah.  And you would know all about the pretty ones, eh?

EDMUND    [remembering fondly]  They were all lookers, yeah. 

RONALD    How can you sleep? 

EDMUND    Don't get high and mighty moral on me, bud, you're in here too.

RONALD    I was only--  It WAS a moral choice.  A decision that had to be made and no one was making it.

EDMUND    Oh, so who'd you kill?  Cripples?

RONALD    I ended the suffering of several decrepit--


SOUND    chains smack against cell bars

RONALD    [half choking] Let go!

edmund    Nobody's got arms that--!

RONALD    [gasping]  Get someone!  You gotta-- [choking]

EDMUND    Hey!  Hey! over here, ugly!

SOUND    rattle of chains

RONALD    [gasps for breath]

SOUND    thumping footsteps, rattle of chains

EDMUND    Hah!  Gorilla!  Even you can't reach this far, eh? 

SOUND    cell door being shaken

victor    [growls]

RONALD    [hoarse]  Thanks, pal.

EDMUND    Don't thank me yet - I think those hinges are coming loose!

SOUND    cell door BREAKS open, rattle of chains

RONALD    Oh, god!  No!  Release the gas!  Someone please release the gas!!!  [choking]

victor    [growls]

SOUND    chains rattling against bars

SOUND    tinny chamber music plays over the fight noises

EDMUND    Not the music!  The gas!  He's dying, for crying out loud! 

RONALD    [expiring noise]

SOUND    gas




EDMUND    Horton, whatever I need to do, whatever I need to sign, just hand it over.  I ain't spending another night in this place.

RUDY    You understand the consequences?  You won't have the slightest option of recanting again and going back to your original statement. 

EDMUND    Yeah, yeah.  Anything - and I mean anything - is better than this freak show. 




SOUND    glasses tinkle, drinks being poured

DOCTOR Larson    I'm so glad you find my program effective, Mr. District Attorney.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY    Well, I admit I had my doubts, when you first outlined it--

DOCTOR Larson    You expressed concern about the danger of physical harm to the subject?  As you now see, there is never any direct physical contact.  Thus, there can be no allegations of physical harm or coersion.

ROSE    He might have come close to dying with fright, though.  [teasing]  You were quite terrifying, darling.

victor    [growls jokingly, then fairly cultured voice]  After fifteen movies as monsters

ROSE    And an apeman...

VICTOR    [chuckles]  And one apemen, who wouldn't be?

HECTOR    I'm rather glad I get to duck out early.  Murderers just [shudders] give me the creeps.

TERRANCE    Hey, we're out of sham-pane.  Want me to go and get some more?

HECTOR    Nah, I'll go.  Be right back! 

DISTRICT ATTORNEY    It seems like a lot of effort, though, for a single confession.  A lot of manpower.  [tip of the hat]  And woman power.

DOCTOR Larson    Ah, but it's valuable work on a number of levels.  We convince a murderer to confess, and we learn a great deal about the human psyche each time through the experiment.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY    Each time?  How many--?

ROSE    Hmm...  [thinking]  I've had the screaming meemies four times--

RONALD    And I've nearly died... oh, three, I think.

DOCTOR Larson    Not all of them last as long as our good friend Edmund. 

DISTRICT ATTORNEY    I'll drink to that.







ROSE    I can feel them, all the time, watching everything I do - always making sure.  Always knowing.  I never get a moment alone, never a smidgen of privacy.  How can I live like this?  It's always the same - at first, they seem so nice, so different, then they turn on you, controlling you, having to know everything you do, and then they just don't let you do anything.  I couldn't even have a glass of water without getting permission.

HECTOR    Sinner!  Be penitent and god may be merciful and end your despicable life - hah, raise your head in the presence of your condemnation, will you?  Created to sin, designed by Satan to tempt honest men from the path of righteousness.  Daughters of Eve, you share her taint!  You try and draw us into your web, to make us debase ourselves for your enjoyment!  Wickedness!  Temptress!  Succubus!

RONALD    God moves in mysterious ways, for his decisions are inscrutable and his calling ineffable.  He has summoned me to his bidding, and I must obey.  There is no evil in ending the suffering of those that god would have called home to his presence.  He does not strike out in anger, but reaches forth to embrace his injured and damaged children, who need his solace.