19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Bingo the Birthday Clown:  #5

The fate of a favorite....


Music by Project System 12

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A rant about being secretive.  Wandering around to chat about where ideas come from. 
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Not so much a blog, since my head is entirely hollow at this time of year, but a piece of fanfic I wrote for a contest a while back (yes, fanfic - I know, I hate most of it, but there it is...).

No, I won't say what it's a fanfic of (though I may have mentioned it before), except that it's not any of the standards.... 

Fanfic means I make absolutely no claim to the characters, etc.  That's one reason I'm not mentioning who they are...

So Merry Xmas (HFotP)!!!
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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Three Exes for Xmas

Carla Skray, CEO of Tammuz Inc., chief exploiter of hordes of unliving workers, finds herself "haunted" by her ex husbands - returned as the same zombies she employs...

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Saki's Birthday! - The Phantom Luncheon One of Saki's prankster tales.  Short and funny.  Enjoy!
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personal versus impersonal storytelling.

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Bingo the Birthday Clown:  #4

It's episode 256 - again.  And again.  And again.


Music by Project System 12

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Babbling away.  Address question from Tanja about sound effects.
Links mentioned:
Mail Order Zombie
Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind
Pink and Blue xbox 360 podcast
Satan and the Lord movie reviews
International Dialects of English Archive
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19 Nocturne Boulevard - The Gift of the Zombi

Can Ben and Mia - zombies in love - find the perfect gifts for each other for Christmas?  Guest starring Brother D and Miss Bren of Mail Order Zombie!!

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PromEvil recap

For those just joining us, I wanted to re-post the four links to PromEvil, since it's my first multi-part series.
...and since they've all rolled off the page.


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Warp'd Space #2 - Warp'd Space - "Our Way"

The fate of the Drake lies in the collective hands of Pilot, as they try and guide the newly-repaired ship out of Warp'd Space.  Meanwhile, the security team deals with the aftermath of the explosion.

Cover art by Brett Coulstock!
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More talk on theme, and writing evil.  Talking about psychos - Mr. Frost and Dexter.
Also included a renaissance-y song I wrote many years ago (don't worry, it's at the end). 
Tip from Glen on cold reading (Thanx!)

Music by Zlata Dzardanova (myspace / website [in russian])
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