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The descent into the ancient metropolis.

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Time travel can make things easier - or much harder.  Depends on which way you go, and how much it takes out of you.

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The Australian desert hides horrible things....

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In show business, they say never work with kids or animals - but what about monsters?

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Not a movie yoou'd think I'd want to talk about, a heartwarming tale of a minnesota childhood in the 40s....

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Few minutes after friday, but I fell asleep in my office chair after the livestream - been getting so many things done, i just passed out when I relaxed. My feet re so cold, I need a carpet under my desk.

our hero finds a reason to leave, but cannot get anyone else to vacate.

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When shipwrecked, some dream of rescue, while others plan for the worst.

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Finally episode 1 comes to the RSS feed! 

DON'T FORGET - the more people support us on our Patreon page (www.patreon.com/19nocturne), the faster episodes will come out! 

PLUS, Patreon supporters get episodes 1-2 months sooner than regular subscribers, since it's their donations that allow me to make the time to do audio drama again.


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Continued.  Sorry no time to wax eloquent tonight.

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A visitor's look at a post-nuclear New York.  

Some things never change.

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With the Branagh version in the theaters, I compare the adaptations a bit, as well as the Poirots.

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No intro.  Life is still crazy.

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A follow up to last month's bitching about Evil Within 1.  EW2 is MUCH better!!

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Peasley has disturbing dreams - almost like memories - of unimagineable places.

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Everyone knows statistics lie. But it helps a lot if you get correct numbers to begin with.

A tale of a census that goes horribly wrong.

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A man revives from a strange amnesia to find years have passed - and he needs to know what he's done all that time and why.

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Not what you'd expect - a couple of kids cook up something unusual...

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The Real Hard Sell by William W. Stuart, part 2

The conclusion of the story that asks what if the only job left to humans was sales?

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If the only job left is sales - the only job for humans - who is left to sell to?

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The story is quite short, so I added a couple of samples from books I've done for Audible, and a prose poem cycle from Robert W. Chambers called The Prophet's Paradise, which is odd and generally overlooked, though he's known for originating the King in Yellow.

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Every strike must resolve, sometime...

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Mainly going on and on about Resident Evil 7 and The Evil Within, and what i think is wrong with them.

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A striking tale of simple robots - or is it a simple tale of striking robots?


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Making rats smarter seems like a good idea, until they're smart enough to escape....

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A child in an occupied land finds out the consequences of war.

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A child of occupation finds out the truth of war.

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Excavating ancient societies can be thrilling.... but who's the excavator, and who's the ancient?

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Juvenile delinquency starts early when a ward full of babies is possessed - and what can you do to stop them?

Narrated and sound edited by Julie Hoverson

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A man has an issue with his writing snake.  (Not a euphemism)

Narrated by "Atomic" Julie Hoverson
Sound editing by Bill Bowman

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If an alien pig can talk, does it make smart bacon?

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If every decision might change the world, just stepping through a door could be life-affecting!

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What happens when the lights go out?


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Reclamation of lost colonies is tricky work - especially when aliens have been involved.

putting this one out a bit early, since the weekend is going to be crazy busy.

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A man breaks down doors, but not to get through them.

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And this is how half the human race would die out......

(assuming stereotypes of the time, not real people with any diversity)

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Men may be from Mars, but the women went there to get away....

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When aliens appear, who says they will want to eat people?


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A couple discovers that a deal that looks too good - always is.

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Spies must be dealt with...

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narrated by Julie Hoverson


In a future of huge enclosed and isolate communal living spaces, spies must want to "come in" from the cold, right?

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Number 12 looks just like you! 


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A story from the Twilight Zone - no, literally!

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Fishhead's brutal end.

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A story that inspired Lovecraft - for the lushness of description, and perhaps the casual racism.

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The world is not as empty as one thinks.

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In a world where everything, even air, is frozen, any sign of life is a wonder - or a terror,

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How to solve the problems of the entire world. 

It would work, wouldn't it?

yeah, humans are a problem.

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written in 1910, but set in 1924, Goliah is a shadowy figure (perhaps the first Bond-style "villain") who forces, under pain of inescapable death, the men who run the world into fixing society.

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How much debt to make life worth living?

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A full story in one - what happens when aliens come in peace, but land in the wrong place?

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The spy is finally revealed! 

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Varlets!  Highwaymen!

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Amendments 10 through 12

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The Queen visits the palace and plays with a hand of kings and queens ...

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Collecting another telepath, the queen wishes to make a progress...

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Another telepath?


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Long damn chapters, eh?

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Finally a telepath!  One's who's ... functional... mostly.

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Working on my new microserial, I needed to talk out some of the ideas I have, and talk about some of the choices you have to make when writing.

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A side trip to check for telepaths at a DC institution....  with the obvious outcome.

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(long darn chapters...)

How does this telepathy-detecting machine work?

The explanation might amaze you.

Or baffle you.

Or just make your brain hurt.......

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The search for a telepath continues...

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An FBI agent's work is never easy.

note:  this is a very funny little story from 1962, set a decade in the future, and uses non-PC terminology (a lot) to refer to all aspects of psychiatry, including patients.  If you are easily offended by terms like "imbecile", "nuthouse", and "loon", in a historic and comic context, this is probably not the story for you.

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The escape! 


Next week - Brain Twister (aka, That Sweet Little Old Lady) by Gordon Randall Garrett and Laurence Mark Janifer

Written in 1959 (rewritten in '62), but set in the far-flung future of the 1970s, an FBI agent must face an impossible task - he must locate a telepath!

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All the amendments that feature on cop shows!!!!

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An escape plan might be forming!!!

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Really better to skip this one - I go off a bit on the amendments. 

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Brains in a tank.  How original - well, it was 1932.

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More about states' rights, and equal laws.

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Evil evil plans.  Brains are never good party guests.

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The Supreme Court.

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Oops.  Ku Sui is sneakier than you think.

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On the trail of the evil genius, Dr Ku Sui!!

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A Buck Rogers clone, this story from 1932 may venture into some very not PC racial stereotypes, so be warned.  But any tale with a spaceport named "Porno" can't  be THAT bad, right? (I have left in a few editorial comments and bouts of hysterical laughter)

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Be warned.


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The Conclusion!  Good story, but who could expect any less from Philip K. Dick?  I am definitely adapting this into an episode for the show.

On Friday, the new story begins - The Affair of the Brains.  Not as classic.  But more typical of old school sci fi.  A bit of a Buck Rogers style story.  Yes, there will be editorial comments.

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Don't forget to check out the radio station at justpasttheautomat.com, and join the subscribers on the Patreon page (patreon.com/19nocturne) to get bonus and advance materials - and, more importantly, help speed the return of more new 19 Nocturne episodes!!!

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trying to stick to monday and friday from now on.


Patrons get to help me pick the next story!  Join the Patreon page at www.patreon.com/19nocturne


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Next upload - Article II!!

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In a war-torn future, robots are the ultimate weapon. 

But what if they work too well?

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Almost to the end of Article 1, powers of the legislative branch.  Next  the Executive Branch!  Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

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Big Excitement!!!  19Nocturne Boulevard will be making a comeback.  How big of a comeback will be decided by how much support I get on Patreon, at :  https://www.patreon.com/19Nocturne

I have also started an internet radio station "Just Past the Automat" at http://stream.radio.co/sc0fce89a1/listen - playing 19 Nocturne Boulevard, and a few choice OTR episodes, 24 hours a day - in case you ever need to find us.

Lastly, this would be the perfect time to jump on the @19Nocturne twitter feed, and stay updated about everything that's starting to happen!!!


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jinkies, between possibly bringing back 19 nocturne, doing my taxes, and being obsessed with a stupid video game (oxygen not included), I lost a whole month.


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What probably should have been quicker  bios, and more about the senate.

Can someone tell me if I skipped section 6?

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Will start with bios of the signors next time. 

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The Constitution, section 3, and a few other things

I begin with a special request, then talk a bit about the signing and signors of the original document, before diving in to the details of the Senate.

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The Constitution, part 2 - Articles 1 and 2, the House of Representatives.

What a snoozer!!  I tried to jazz it up.  There is some discussion of the bits that have been long since cut out - that was kind of fun.

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The U.S. Constitution for We the People, Episode 1, The Preamble

Babbled inanely by Julie Hoverson.

I read through and try to unwind the meanings of each clause and amendment of the Constitution, because i think this is something sorely neglected in our education and frankly i won't read it through any other way.

Starting with the Preamble - I dare anyone my age not to sing along.

"We the people, in order to form a more perfect union......"

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being sick made me chatty- sorry about any coughs or sniffles.  Might be doing some ranting regularly.  how exciting!

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Tone Didactic 2017

I talk current events, like Resident Evil VII and what I'm likely to do any time soon.  And a bit of politics, sort of.

Also a quick note about my new book project - My Lady's Wardrobe, a series of books of Victorian photos like the one on the thumbnail, that i've cleaned and am sharing.


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