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Finally finishing off the missing two episodes of the unfinished story...

Here's links to 1-5:

Part 1:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-1-deadeye-kid-6-

Part 2:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-2-deadeye-kid-6-

Part 3:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-3-deadeye-kid-6-

Part 4:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-4-deadeye-kid-6-

Part 5:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-4-deadeye-kid-6--1

Part 7 is complete and with our Patreon supporters.  I will put it out here in a couple of weeks.

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Deadeye Kid - Auld Lang Syne, parts 4-6

The rest of the story!

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Deadeye kid - Auld Lang Syne, parts 1-3

I'm finally getting around to posting the compilations of episodes from Auld Lang Syne, the second serialized Deadeye kid story.

This is parts 1-3, and parts 4-6 will go up sometime after the Jingles goes up on Sunday.  (due to making sure I have the space)

And, yes, the final two episodes of Taste of the Beholder will finally come out soon. 



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The Taste of the Beholder, episode 5 (Deadeye Kid #6)

[Sigh - optimism.... still trying to get back on top of things]

Not finished yet...

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The Taste of the Beholder, episode 4 (Deadeye kid #6)

[Julie, and more importantly the show, returns after a long winter's nap.]

Lam makes some peace.... maybe.

Cover by Brett Coulstock

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The Taste of the Beholder, episode 3 (Deadeye Kid #6)

Which is harder to understand?  The ones who speak no English at all, or the ones who speak in an accent even Fanshaw can't quite fathom?


And what's behind all this?

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The Taste of the Beholder, episode 2 (Deadeye Kid #6)

The Swedes invade! 

[Eek!  I realized there is an error in the credits - will fix and replace after the weekend.  Just with the holiday, it's not going to happen right away.  Sorry!]

Written by Julie Hoverson

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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Will be delayed due to snow.

OK, so snow wouldn't stop Lem, but it does add up to 4 hours to my commute, which comes directly out of editing time.

Sorry!  It will be up by Thursday at the latest.


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[Deadeye Kid] Haunting Melody - al la carte

ok, not quite - but here it is all in one piece. 


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The Taste of the Beholder, episode 1 (Deadeye Kid #6)

When Lem can't go to trouble, trouble has a way of finding him.  And when he's recuperating from gunshot wounds, he ain't got much chance of staying out of trouble's way...

Written by Julie Hoverson

Cover art by Brett Coulstock


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