19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Retro 19 Nocturne!    The Seventh Key

A writer makes a bet that she can change her style
 - and perhaps her life - overnight

[revamped 11/2011]

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April, and Scriptfrenzy, are looming on the horizon.  For 19 Nocturne, that means Guest Producer Month, where I showcase episodes that I wrote, but other people put together (just like the two shorts - "Karma" and "The Archway Room" - that played at Halloween).

Equally as important, this gives me time to write.  And write....  and write.

In honor of this, I am taking challenges.  I'm looking for some distinct horror/sci fi/fantasy subgenre (preferably one I haven't done yet) to try cutting my teeth on.  Nothing specific (like Star Trek or Dr. Who), but a type of movie (like "severed body part horror" or "someone deliberately being made to believe they're crazy" films).

I wil truly endeavor to take on the first THREE challenges I get emailed to the show email.  19nocturne<aaaaat>live<(youknowtherest=)dot-com>


Let's see what we come up with!

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Retro 19 Nocturne - Cultists Stole My Baby!!!

Rookie newshound Theo Walsh is sent on his first job for the World Bugle (provider of hard-hitting news about Elvis, aliens, and the paranormal) Oh, my!

Cover Art by Brett Coulstock

Music by Josh Woodward

[revamped 11/2011]

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - The Leech

Adapted by Julie Hoverson from a story by Phillips Barbee (published in Galaxy Science Fiction, December 1952, text found at Project Gutenberg)

A vistor from somewhere "beyond" threatens the entire earth!

Music by MisterScott99

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

[NOTE:  As kindly pointed out by Jesse Willis at SFFAudio in his review of this episode, "Phillips Barbee" is a pseudonym for Robert Sheckley!!!  Thanx!]

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Retro 19 Nocturne - Housewarming

In classic 1940s Hollywood, aspiring screenwriter Fiona Cross discovers the pitfalls of writing remakes - including, perhaps, romance with an undying legend of the silver screen.


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Retro 19 Nocturne!  Sword Kvetch!

When Cael Carzfinker, blade maiden of the ninth rank (etc., etc.) comes to the
castle of Evil Wizard Mazurin to rescue a captive prince, the outcome is.... magical.

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

Music by Celestial Aeon Project

[revamped 11/2011]

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Tone Didactic #87  - Gender, and The Future

Some more words on gender.  Then I go off into a diatribe on the various ways that the future is perceived in sci fi worlds.

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The Taste of the Beholder, episode 5 (Deadeye Kid #6)

[Sigh - optimism.... still trying to get back on top of things]

Not finished yet...

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Warp'd Stories #2 - The Last Human

Aliens have attacked and wiped out nearly all of that pesky human race.... 


Written by Gareth Bowley

Produced By Kimberly Poole and Hole with a Rock Around It productions.

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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Retro 19 Nocturne!  The Thrice Tolled Bell

An homage to classic Hammer Dracula films!!  Van Helsing must fight the ancient evil yet again!

Music by The Toy Box Trio

[revamped 11/2011]

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Tone Didactic #86 - Things that begin with C

Well, more discussion of copyright and then a bit on counterfeiting.  Not in conjunction, and nothing in common....

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - A Tropical Horror

Adapted from a story by William Hope Hodgson

A merchant ship returning to Liverpool in the late 1800s runs afould of something in the doldrums.

Cover art by Bill Jones

Main episode theme from Komrade K, ambient sound from Kevin MacLeod

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Enjoy!  What a long strange trip it has been.....

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Tone Didactic #85 - Branding

Some of the things to consider when naming your show.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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