19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Tone Didactic #120 - writing exercises!

Encle Ernie says writing exercises will make your writing less flabby....

Or something.

More lovely practice!!


Music from Nathan Shirley (via Jamendo)

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Warp'd Space #010 - "The Missing"

Still recovering from the pirate attack, the crew of the Drake makes a few discoveries.

Written by Kimberly Poole

Music by Kevin MacLeod

cover art by Brett Coulstock

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Tone didactic 119 - breaking up a project

well, and nyquil kicks in at one point and...  i'm afraid to go back and listen... 


but mostly useful.  I think

music from http://machinimasound.com/

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Chasing the Day!

[YES!  WE're BACK!!!]

A family car ride in the 1950s turns.... dark.

Music by David Jordan

Cover by Julie Hoverson

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Tone Didactic #118 - Staying motivated

Some more ramblings on how to move forward.


and talking about some elements that might make something a young adult story, rather than a grown-up one.

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Warp'd Stories #3 - Top Story, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Top Story, a dark cyberpunk-ish tale produced by Kim Poole and written by Julie Hoverson.

(Dramatized story)

Carrie Stomper, a lowly minion for a news corp, gets lost in a bad part of town....

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

Music from Deied, Incompetech.com, and the Footage Firm

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"A Sacrifice to Necessity" by Saki

Produced and narrated by Julie Hoverson

with Jennifer Dixon and Fiona Thraille

Satiric melodrama about the consequences of gambling!!  oh horrors!!

Music by A-M Classical

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