19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Warp'd Space #008 - "It's a Life"

The beginning of a parallel series, Colonist Stories, "It's a Life" takes place concurrently with previous episode "All Hands on Deck" as colonist children learn about how things work - and, more importantly, why.

Written by Reynaud LeBoeuf

Produced by Kimberly Poole

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Reel 54

Young officer Danny Maguire, monitoring tapes of wiretaps on a notorious gangster, becomes obsessed with the voice of a mystery woman.

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

Music by Hugo 'Droopy' Contini (via Free Music Archive) and Kevin MacLeod

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19 Nocturne - One Out of Ten - from guest producer Neil Gustin


Adapted by Julie Hoverson from a short story by J. Anthony Ferlaine  (published in Fantastic Universe, November 1956)  As found on Project Gutenberg.

Sound and mastering by Neil Gustin of Twilight Audio Theatre

Parlor quiz - the latest and greatest trivia game show - plays host to a very strange contestent indeed!

Cover by Brett Coulstock

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Deadeye Kid - Auld Lang Syne, parts 4-6

The rest of the story!

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - The Jingles

Life is a dream.

Or is a dream life?

Life is just a dream, duh-dee, dah-duh-dah, spend my whole life loving you, bah-dee-bah-dah-dah, promise to be true - LIFE would be a dream, sweetheart - hello, hello again, sh-boom it's a wonderful day again....

Music by Josh Woodward & Kevin MacLeod

Cover by Brett Coulstock

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Deadeye kid - Auld Lang Syne, parts 1-3

I'm finally getting around to posting the compilations of episodes from Auld Lang Syne, the second serialized Deadeye kid story.

This is parts 1-3, and parts 4-6 will go up sometime after the Jingles goes up on Sunday.  (due to making sure I have the space)

And, yes, the final two episodes of Taste of the Beholder will finally come out soon. 



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Bingo episodes 26-30!

And here's link to all past groupings:

Bingo 1-5

Bingo 6-10

Bingo 11-15

Bingo 16-20

Bingo 21-25

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Bingo episodes 21-25!

Trying to get caught up on some of these compilations that never got posted.

Episode 26-30 will be up immediately after this, along with link to the previous Bingo groupings.

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19 Nocturne  - Castle Makeover - from guest producer Justin Charles!

When home makeover shows attack!!!

Sound and mastering by Justin Charles of 1st Draft Productions

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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