19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Tone Didactic - #94, Crowds, mobs, and digressions

The dynamics of groups in many forms... 

produced by Glen Hallstrom

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Retro 19 Nocturne - Heir Aberrant

Since we don't have a guest producer episode this weekend, I'll post a short retro episode:

[originally podcast April Fool's day, 2009]

A con artist tries for the one big last scam - and it is!! 

One.  Big.  And Last.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Tone Didactic - #93, once more through the process....

Had an idea, started to explore it.  Sharing it with you....!

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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Retro 19 Nocturne!  The Temple (from the Lovecraft story)

The crew of a WWI U-boat finds that some danger runs.... very deep

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Cover by Brett Coulstock

[revamped 11/2011]

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19 Nocturne - When the Lamp Goes Out - from guest producer James Sedgwick!

A strange Polanski-like film "When the Lamp Goes Out" has turned up, out of the blue, and the guys of Uncle Skulls’ Bloody Spooky podcast get to listen to it live on their podcast.  But the film has a dark history and perhaps a dark future.


Sound and Mastering by James Sedgwick of Scattered Sounds Productions

Written by Julie Hoverson

Guest starring Jeff, Steve, Matt, and DJ of the Splattercast (www.deadlantern.com) - whose show actually inspired this script!!!

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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Retro 19 Nocturne!  Chillin!

[loosely adapted from the story "Cool Air" by H.P. Lovecraft]

When eccentric recluse Simon Strong, who lives in a perpetually chilled state, vanishes (leaving some rather suspicious remains behind),
his only known associate—a teenage delivery girl—is interviewed by the police!

[revamped 11/2011]

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Tone Didactic - #92 Plug-ins  and Mic Technique

Add-ons for Audacity, general writing tips that I've been passing round over on ScriptFrenzy, and some notes on microphone technique.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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Retro 19 Nocturne - Where Are You Now?

A surreal Q&A session reveals the workings of a victim's mind.

Warning:  mature themes and violence


Music by Kevin MacLeod

[revamped 11/2011]

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19 Nocturne - 2 B R 0 2 B - from guest producer Jason Zippay!

A lovely bright future!  Clean and well maintained.
Thanks to population control....

Sound and mastering by Jason Zippay

Adapted by Julie Hoverson from the story by Kurt Vonnegut

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

Much thanx to Librivox and Project Gutenberg for curating stories, like this one, that have passed into the public domain,

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Quail Seed - Julie's belated story from Saki

With the advent of big-city department stores, how can tiny little local stores compete?

Still relevent, after all these years....

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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19 Nocturne - COUNTDOWN - from guest producer Tanja Milojevic!!

Miners trapped in a collapsed shaft - a legend of ghosts in the old ratcatcher mine - who could resist?

Produced by Tanja Milojevic of Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind

Written by Julie Hoverson

Cover by Brett Coulstock

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Happy April Fool's Day!!!  Special Bonus Episode!


Can you dig it?

Music from Footage Firm and incompetech.com

Cover art by Brett Coulstock


Associated episodes:

Cry Wolf

The Naked Truth

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