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19 Nocturne Boulevard (short) - Fool Me Once

Special April Fool's Day bonus episode!!! 

A pair of travelers find themselves VERY lost...

[don't worry - it's not canon!]

Warning - MUCH foul language and some in-jokes - helps if you know the show well already.  Particularly Lem and Fanshaw from the Deadeye Kid.

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The importance of basic skills, like cooking, and the way we all ignore them in fiction that takes places in places/times when cooking SHOULD be a very important skill...



Music by http://www.yaelbat-shimon.com/

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Talking bout Mary Sue (and Jonathon)-itis.  What is a Mary Sue?  Why do we hate them?

Some resources:


Television Tropes

The test - is you is or is you ain't a Mary Sue?

Dangerous Dwarf

Music by Somewhere off Jazz Street

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Bingo the Birthday Clown:  #11

Everyone just gets carried away.....

Music by Project System 12

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Idiot Box


A reality TV game show... inspired by the Milgram Shock experiments...  Sound familiar?

Well, at least this one....


                                                                                      ...is in English.


NOTE - Il Professoro's Daughter will run next month, on April 10.


Music by Brian Bochicchio

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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Coming Saturday!  (3/20)

In light of current events, I've changed the schedule slightly - moving up Idiot Box by one episode.

So Saturday, be prepared to see my version of the shocking side of reality TV!!!


If you haven't been following the news, this is in regard to the French game show called "The Game of Death", which re-created - ON a REALITY SHOW - the Milgram schock experiments. 

I could make a big deal out of having written my script over a year ago, but my adaptation of the Milgrim stuff actually takes a very different turn than theirs, PLUS I can now pretend to be "Ripped from the Headlines!!!"

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More middle of the night ramblings - a great sound tip from Felbrigg over at the Cthulhu Podcast, a Lovecraft short story, and ways to define a location without having eveyrone announce where they're standing.


Cthulhu Podcast

That song I sang [download link]

Big Finish audio dramas

I probably forgot naything else i talked about....


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19 Nocturne Boulevard - An Hour to Kill

A town with a strange secret, ripe for the picking by three petty criminals.  Sounds a bit too easy, doesn't it?

Written by Julie Hoverson
Cover art by Brett Coulstock
Music by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)


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Bingo the Birthday Clown:  #10

Time to drop hands and change partners - do-si-do.

And a new player hits the field.

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Bingo the Birthday Clown - Bonus/Repeat.  Episodes 1-5

For people just starting out and not wanting to go through all the credits over and over (and just in time for episode 10), here's a conglomerate of episodes 1-5, just to get you hooked.  I'll probably do this again in a month or so, with episodes 6-10.

Music by Project System 12

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Hey, everyone - this is Julie, resident madwoman of 19 Nocturne Boulevard.

So, I'm seriously considering trying to take Deadeye Kid out of the regular rotation and ... (wait for it!) turning it into a "10-minutes every two weeks" serial, alternating with Bingo the Birthday Clown.

This mainly depends on my sanity (doubtful at best), and my ability to write me a mess o' scripts right soon (that goes without saying), but I would love to hear what people might think on the subject.  Please feel free to pop a comment in here, or drop me a line at 19nocturne[at]live[dot]com.

Or even come on over to audiodramatalk.com and join in the chat there.

Oh, and - Bingo tomorrow and new episode Wednesday, but never never jam today.

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Musing on movies, rounding out villains, marking the passage of time.

Music by Somewhere off Jazz Street

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Hiya, 19 Nocturne Fans!!! 

Hey, if you've been thinking about donating, we do have a button right on the side here - any money you drop on us is gratefully appreciated and basically helps Julie to pay for the website and rss feed.

BUT - consider this:  http://sounds4soldiers.org

All us audio drama folks are working together to send a bunch of shows overseas to the troops, and any money donated THERE will help with this very worthwhile project.

So please send money over there. 

Throw some to us, too, if you have extra.  But I can go on footing the bills for 19 Nocturne's "mortgage", while we ALL need help to get enough together to send entertainment to our folks in the armed forces.

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