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The descent into the ancient metropolis.

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Time travel can make things easier - or much harder.  Depends on which way you go, and how much it takes out of you.

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The Australian desert hides horrible things....

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In show business, they say never work with kids or animals - but what about monsters?

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Not a movie yoou'd think I'd want to talk about, a heartwarming tale of a minnesota childhood in the 40s....

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Few minutes after friday, but I fell asleep in my office chair after the livestream - been getting so many things done, i just passed out when I relaxed. My feet re so cold, I need a carpet under my desk.

our hero finds a reason to leave, but cannot get anyone else to vacate.

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When shipwrecked, some dream of rescue, while others plan for the worst.

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Finally episode 1 comes to the RSS feed! 

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