19 Nocturne Boulevard
Wheeality Productions features 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Bingo the Birthday Clown, The Deadeye Kid, The Tone Didactic (blogs on audio drama), and guest starring Warp'd Space! Whew!

A Buck Rogers clone, this story from 1932 may venture into some very not PC racial stereotypes, so be warned.  But any tale with a spaceport named "Porno" can't  be THAT bad, right? (I have left in a few editorial comments and bouts of hysterical laughter)

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Be warned.


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The Conclusion!  Good story, but who could expect any less from Philip K. Dick?  I am definitely adapting this into an episode for the show.

On Friday, the new story begins - The Affair of the Brains.  Not as classic.  But more typical of old school sci fi.  A bit of a Buck Rogers style story.  Yes, there will be editorial comments.

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trying to stick to monday and friday from now on.


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Next upload - Article II!!

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In a war-torn future, robots are the ultimate weapon. 

But what if they work too well?

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Almost to the end of Article 1, powers of the legislative branch.  Next  the Executive Branch!  Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

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Big Excitement!!!  19Nocturne Boulevard will be making a comeback.  How big of a comeback will be decided by how much support I get on Patreon, at :  https://www.patreon.com/19Nocturne

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jinkies, between possibly bringing back 19 nocturne, doing my taxes, and being obsessed with a stupid video game (oxygen not included), I lost a whole month.


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