19 Nocturne Boulevard
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"A Marriage Has Been Arranged" by Alfred Sutro - Edwardian Entertainments #1

The beginning of a new  monthly series, presenting dramatic and humorous stories from a time long gone by.

A Marriage Has Been Arranged (1904) is a one-act play from Alfred Sutro.

Sound mastering by Lothar Tuppan

Cover art by Julie Hoverson and Dennis Hager

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Tone Didactic #95 - Timing (finally!)

After such a long dry spell (I haven't had any ideas for what to talk about...), I come back with a short bit on timing.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom!

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Poe-etic Justice

(Inspired by a story by Edgar Allen Poe)

The pranks of a group of frat boys turn every hand against them.

Music by Persson

Cover art by Dennis Hager

Thanx to Glen Hallstrom for sound help!

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - The Facts Concerning...

The "Lovecraft 5" - Warren, Herbert, Charles, Edward, and Richard - gather again for another night of tall tales. 

Tonight, Warren regales the group with a history of a noble house that ... went downhill.

Loosely adapted by Julie Hoverson from a story by H.P. Lovecraft

Music from the Skidmore College Orchestra (as found on MusOpen)

Cover by Brett Coulstock

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And short note on the new movie The Whisperer in Darkness

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For everyone who subscribes through itunes and stuff - I am having the designations of the different categories on this feed altered. 

Turns out that, since they have spaces in the names, they don't sort properly all the time, for people who wanted one show but not all the shows. 

So... you may have to update your indivudual subscriptions (if you subscribe to individual feeds) once this is completely worked through.

Just letting you know.

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