19 Nocturne Boulevard (DickDynamo)
Wheeality Productions features 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Bingo the Birthday Clown, The Deadeye Kid, The Tone Didactic (blogs on audio drama), and guest starring Warp'd Space! Whew!
Dick Dynamo - #7.  The last

Episode 7, "Tales of the Fifth Dimensional Manager" closes out the epic.

But don't forget, on the Dick Dynamo page, there's also a comic book and an album of Dick Dynamo music (I sh*t you not) .

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Dick Dynamo #6 - The Fifth Dimensional Father?

Say it isn't so!

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Dick Dynamo #5 - yes there's more

"Is this the End of Dick Dynamo?"

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Dick Dynamo #4 - El Pollo Loco, part 2 of 2

Betcha never saw THIS coming.

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Dick Dynamo #4 - el pollo loco, part 1 of 2

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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Dick Dynamo #3 - The Unfortunate Heir!

More craziness!

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Dick Dynamo #2 - The 5 Carat Curse!

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend - but not when she turns into them!

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New guest!  DICK DYNAMO the Fifth Dimensional Man!

Episode 1 - be afraid.  Be very afraid!!!

For those who don't want to wait for the further episodes, they're all here

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