19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Lovecraft #1 - The Beast in the Cave

Story by H.P. Lovecraft, read by Julie Hoverson
Cover art by Brett Coulstock
Music by Kevin MacLeod

Lost in a huge cave, in pitch blackness, the narrator tries to find a way back to light.


(Keep in mind, these stories were recorded when Julie was still learning how to mix and work with audio - so the sound quality may be a little ... patchy.)

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Warp'd Space #6 - All Hands on Deck!

What's inside the package that just appeared in the hangar bay?

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Tone Didactic 73 - characters in genres, the rise of the antihero....

I started out talking about the types of characters you find in different genres, but somehow ended up whinging on about the rise of the antihero....

Not sure how that happens.

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Auld Lang Syne, episode 6 (The Deadeye Kid)

The story wraps up.

New yarn begins in November.

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Tone Didactic 72 - Writer's Block

Working around it.  What causes it.  How to fix it?  I might address some of this.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom!

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Rainbow Reels Cinema (hilarious reviewer of horror films) made a lovely video promo for other cool shows.... including 19 Nocturne Boulevard!!

Take a look!

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Bingo the Birthday Clown, episode 24 - "Falling Behind"

More stuff happens.


It may still be Tuesday, but I'm falling down.


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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Bread Overhead

EPISODE 50!!!!!!


Bread Overhead

The Puffy Loaf Corporation takes the next "logical" step toward making their bread fluffier and lighter - perhaps even lighter than air. 

With an all-star cast (check out the episode page!)

Cover art by Julie Hoverson

Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com

Many thanks to Project Gutenberg and Librivox


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Tone Didactic 71.  Film Noir

Back on my own, I go off on researching historical periods/genres, but mostly talk about Film noir (and to a lesser degree westerns).

Produced by Glen Hallstrom.

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Auld Lang Syne, part 5 (Deadeye Kid #5)

The raid begins, but will Lem get there in time?


BIG NOTE:  After episode 6, Deadeye Kid will take a one-month hiatus so Julie can get ahead on the a few things.  I've been playing cathup and putting out fires too much recently, and need to get ahead instead before winter starts and I lose my solar energy.

The next story "Taste of the Beholder" Will begin in November

In October instead, I will be playing a LOT of Lovecraft stories, read by me, but mastered up in the early days of my learning curve on sound work, so enjoy them for what they are.

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Hiya folks!  Hey, question - For the month of October, I'm thinking of posting a lot of my H.P. Lovecraft readings, one each day or each couple of days, but I'm thinking I will post them on wordpress and link them here, rather than stick them right into the feed, where people might not want them.  Any comments?

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Bingo the Birthday Clown - episodes 16-20, together

Perhaps it will make more sense all at once!  Or not.

Here's episodes 16-20, anyway.


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Tone Didactic 70 - part two of the dialog

The rest of the conversation!  You know you were just dying to hear this....


produced by Glen Hallstrom

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Bingo the Birthday Clown #23 - Losers, Weepers

Where did Goggles end up?  And where did Dodie go?  And what will happen to Linda?

Music by Project System 12


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19 Nocturne Boulevard - CHEMO:  The Town of Golden Woods

A secret organization dedicated to fighting the Unknown finds something ... wrong in a small town.

[WARNING:  some pretty darn foul language and a lot of violence in this episode - please listen with caution]

Intro title and a little sound help from Glen Hallstrom

Music by: Matthew Pasternakiewicz
Also featuring the song "Methylchloroisothiazolinone"
     by Josh Woodward (from his album "Dirty Wings")
Cover Design:  Brett Coulstock


[Libsyn is havign trouble uploading the cover art right now - come over to the episode page to see it]

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Tone Didactic 69 - Kim and Julie

Get your mind out of the gutter! 

We talk about producing shows.

Part 1 of 2

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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