19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Tone Didactic 147 - Are amateurs ruining it for pros?

in response to a question, I discuss the impact of amateurs on "the industry"

Music by Enox

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Afterlives 3.3 - Laid to rest / Final Faith


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Fatal Girl 6


Isolation and demons and magic, oh my!!

Season 1 finale!!

WARNING:  Fatal Girl is meant for mature audiences and may contain adult language, sexual situations, and mature themes.

Including music from:



Icon Girl Pistols


Daniel Bautista

David Bradley, the Brotherhood

Circus Marcus

Juice Connection

Sister Soleil

Rauf Khalilov

Biocarbon 13

Kassy Key & the Raindoggs

Grim Faith


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Afterlives 3.2 - Laid to Rest / Different Directions

Last but one.  Enjoy!

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Warp'd Stories #3 - Top Story, Chapter 5

Chapter 4 of Top Story, a dark cyberpunk-ish tale produced by Kim Poole and written by Julie Hoverson.

(Dramatized story)

Food, News, and.....?

Cover art by Brett Coulstock
(yes, I know this one is the wrong chapter number, but I didn't want to wait til I had time to make a new one)

Music from Deied, Incompetech.com, the Footage Firm, and The Blues Byte Project

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Afterlives 3.1 - Laid to Rest / Terminal Truths

The beginning of the final season - Season 3 has only 3 episodes!  Then the show is complete.

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Afterlives 2.7 - Happy Ever Afterlife

Afterlives is a tale of what happens after death, or maybe afterlife....  and it isn't at all what you would expect.

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Tone Didactic 146 - More on recording technique

Basics of mike use, setup, and some more advanced tips on recording remotely.

Music by Kaj Roger Willumsen

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Brown Monkey - Saturday

A lazy day in the neighborhood.  Not a tentacle in sight. 


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Afterlives 2.6 - Tears Before Bedtime

[Sorry!  Been so focused on writing, I lost track of time!!]

Afterlives is a tale of what happens after death, or maybe afterlife....  and it isn't at all what you would expect.

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