19 Nocturne Boulevard
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19 Nocturne Boulevard (short) - The Fairy King

When you blame fairies for something, you better make darn sure they're not listening. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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Fred Greenhalgh of FinalRune Productions (and Radio Drama Revival, who have in turn showcased an episode or two of 19 Nocturne Boulevard) got featured in the Wall Street Journal!! 

There's a video of him recording on location and EVERYTHING!

Check it out!  It seems like an awesome way to get our medium out to a LOT more people.

Great work, Fred!!!


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Voicing evil, etc.  Tip from Glen.

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Bingo the Birthday Clown:  #9

Things spiral out of control on the air, and into a dither in the outland.


Music by Project System 12

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Saki - Tobermorey

Something weird happened and the Tobermorey entry vanished.  So it's the same piece that came out earlier this month - I'm just re-posting.

A story from Saki (H.H. Munro) about what might happen if you taught a cat to speak.

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Force Majeure

What can it mean when a man knows the exact date of his impending death?

Cover by Brett Coulstock

Music by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)

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Suggestions on improving your sound quality by adjusting your mike setup.  Ways to slip in the character's names so the audience knows who they are.  a note on jazzing up the third act.... 

...and more.


Music by DaCapo

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A bunch more random stuff.  Note:  of course the minute I had this recorded, and mentioned Glen being busy, he sent me more acting tips - but that will come in next week.

I'm a bit distracted with writing like mad, so this is likely quite disjointed.  Hope it's good anyway...

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - The Wrong Bob

What do you do when you walk into your living room and  Find a demon?  And he claims his name is Bob?

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

Music by Kevin McLeod of Incompetech.com and Zlata Dzardanova

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Bingo the Birthday Clown:  #8

A tragic death.  A tragic memory.  A tragic turn of events.


Music by Project System 12

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How to give constructive criticism?  Maybe this will help.  Then a lot of random stuff.

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Warp'd Space #3 - For the Record (Part 1)

Pilot is in seclusion, Meyers must reorganize the crew, and the bomber is yet to be uncovered. 


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Yet more Saki!  Tobermory

You can teach a cat to talk, but you can't teach him discretion.

Music by Kevin McLeod (Incompetech.com)
Picture by Sasarakt, Courtesy of Stock Xchange

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