19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Deadeye Kid "Auld Lang Syne" episode 4

Uncomfortable questions for Fanshaw.  And still trying to warn the town...

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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19 Nocturne's fourth Jumbo file!

19 Noc_Group 4.rar

For those who are just joining us, or those who haven't seen this before, we have jumbo files out there for easy downloading of piles of episodes at one time.  There's also a couple of files full of my readings of H.P. Lovecraft over there as well.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Lovecraft Bunch

Colour out of Space

And don't forget to get over to the 19 Nocturne Boulevard Facebook page!

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Tone didactic #68 - more on actors

(but not moron actors)

Mostly talking about the give and take between actors and producers - and vice versa.


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Bingo the Birthday Clown #22 "Behind That Curtain"

One has fallen, and one is yet to fall.  One is waking, and many have walked before, and two dangerous forces face off.... very politely.

Music by Project System 12


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19 Nocturne Boulevard - "Cymbeline gets the Reboot"

Julie's take on Shakespeare.

Guest stars include those responsible for

Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind

Edict Zero - FIS

Cast Macabre

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

Thanx to everyone who jumped in at the last moment and recorded voices!!!

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Tone Didactic 67 - Where they at?

Talking about the importance of keeping track of off-screen characters and what they're doing.  How they get to where they show up next.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

NOTE!!!!  Due to technical difficulties, this weekend's episode has been bumped along, and instead, 19 Nocturne Boulevard will be a MYSTERY DATE!!!

Check the upcoming episodes page for a complete update.

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The Deadeye Kid - Auld Lang Syne, part 3

Warning the town puts Fanshaw back in Lisette's sights....

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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19 Nocturne Boulevard now has a Facebook page, thanx to the hard work of our intern Suzanne!!! 

Find us!  Friend us!

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Tone Didactic 66 - Talking Crazy

I mean ABOUT crazy.  I just talk rambly....


Also more updates on my screenplay deal!

Produced by Glen Hallstrom!

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Bingo the Birthday Clown 21 - "Action Verbs"

Someone might die and someone else gets carried away.  A lot of rushing around and a big reveal. 

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Set Piece

It's a castle kitchen.  Sort of.  No spoilers.


Many thanks (and a wink and a nod) to the fabulous M W-S!!!

Cover art by Julie Hoverson and Brett Coulstock

Music by Antonio Gervasoni, available on Jamendo

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Not a blog - just a note!!!

A note for everyone not following the news from any other source, such as the show's twitter feed (@19nocturne) or the forum at audiodramatalk or anything.

Just letting you know what's up!

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The Deadeye Kid - Auld Lang Syne, part 2

Heading out of town, Lem reminisces about his last encounter with Grisham...


Cover art by Brett Coulstock

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Warp'd Space #5 - "Peace Day"

This one is the correct and complete copy.  Sorry about that.

The Crew of the Drake celebrates the anniversary of the end of the worst conflict in living memory - the war that broke up all cohesion in the human galaxy.

On this day, the crew and passengers commemorate those who died to end the conflict, and look forward to future peace, all while trying to get back to their original plotted course.

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Tone Didactic 65 - The Replacement!

Right, so to replace the BLANK blog... <sigh>

[don't worry - I spot checked before posting this time]

New opening put together by Glen Hallstrom, a lot of good news, and talking about consistency in character.

Music found at http://www.musopen.com/

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