19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Tone Didactic 103 - Feardotcom - part 1

This is not merely a critique, but a point by point of how to fix a bad  story. 

I think.

I am sleep deprived now, and recorded this a couple of weeks ago.

visit me in Dunwich on 10/9!!!

(and geekgirlcon on 10/7!)

my rough editing - music by Wynn Erickson, I think.  

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Sheep's Clothing

A no-tell motel is a prime location for violent crime.

WARNING - violence, foul language, and MATURE THEMES

Music by Conspiracy

Cover art by Dennis Hager

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Tone Didactic 102 - prolonging the agony....

Oops, I meant "not feardotcom this week either"

or did I mean "green Hornet / Antiheros / freakouts" ?   Yes, that sounds more like it.

Music from Patryk Kaniewski

My rough editing again....

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"The Weddin'" by Jennie Betts Hartswick - Edwardian Entertainments #4

A quick humorous narrative of a weddin', from around 1911.

Performed by Julie Hoverson

Music from A-M Classical

Cover art by Julie Hoverson and Dennis Hager

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Tone Didactic 101 - Emotions or something.

Yes, I put further beating of the dead horse known as feardotcom off to next week.


my rough editing.

music from The Incredible Strange Sideshow of Horrors

by Der Grundguetige

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Caveat Emptor

The demon Beelzebud returns to pester sisters Rena and Matilda...

[sequel to Force Majeure]

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Cover art by Julie Hoverson

Cameo from Super Haunted Stories

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Tone Didactic 100 - ONE HUNDRED????

another rough blog, since Glen is still busy

ONE HUNDRED???  How did that happen?

A retrospect - more about me - and some plans for the future!

music by Conspiracy

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