19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Tone Didactic #117 - Ambiance and SFX

(and cats)

I address a question mark olson dropped in my forum at audiodramatalk.com

Music by MG-Rizzello, whose music will feature in an upcoming episode.

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Tone Didactic #116 - Fight! Fight! Fight!

Some tips on putting together fight scenes for audio.

Music by Yvalain

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"Down Pens" by Saki - Edwardian Entertainment #8

The aftermath of Christmas....

Mixed by Kimberly Poole

Music by A_M classical

Cover by Julie Hoverson

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Tone Didactic #115 - Tragedy!!!

A discussion of what Tragedy really means - in drama.

Music by Musicoman

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Tone Didactic #114 - The End of the World

Why are we so obsessed with the end?

Vote for the Splatcademy Awards

Vote for me here too (Idiot Box or Cultists)

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - Project Top Hat

In a return to the world of zombies...

Deep in the bowels of Tammuz Corproations, recovering form the drawbacks of a previous CEO's conversion, Scientists are perfecting a new way to control unliving workers.

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