19 Nocturne Boulevard
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Retro 19 Nocturne - Cry Wolf!

B&B Investigations is a hard-boiled detective agency in the classic 40s style of Philip Marlowe and Nick and Nora Charles...  in the land of fairy tales.

[revamped 11/2011]

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Retro 19 Nocturne!  When Yellow Casts a Crimson Shadow

An homage to Giallo Thrillers (Italian slasher/horror films of the 1960s-80s)

[warning, this episode includes violence, misogyny, and voices that sound badly dubbed - it's the genre]

A young woman recounts a brutal, disturbing dream to her psychiatrist - meanwhile her life spirals out of control.

Music by Professor Kliq

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

[revamped 11/2011]

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Retro 19 Nocturne!  The Saki Quartette

Four stories from Saki (H.H. Munro), as told by four young girls waiting for punishment. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

[revamped 11/2011]

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Tone Didactic #91 - Titles, reading, hidden passions

Ways to come up with good titles.  And Quirk of the week - Hidden Passions, and all that implies about your character.

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - A Date with Dana

An AI, a blind date and a podcast....

...what could possibly go wrong?

Music by www.aprilsrain.com

cover art by Julie Hoverson

Original photo by http://www.seo-webdesign.de

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Retro 19 Nocturne! Murder Ward!

A convicted murderer pleads insanity, hoping for a cushy berth in a looney bin - and gets more than he can handle!

[revamped 11/2011]

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Tone Didactic #90 - Steps for production, and some producer etiquette

Answering an email query - trying to outline the steps for production.


And some babbling about how to treat your actors (and how actors should treat their roles)

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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Retro 19 Nocturne - Hallow's Eve!

Good intentions may pave the way to ruin, but when Fran - a precocious 11-year old - sets out to rescue what she fervently hopes is a kidnapped child, Halloween may never be the same!

[revamped 11/2011]

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Retro 19 Nocturne!  For Art's Sake

Roy Chambers, self-proclaimed "artist of junk" becomes suspicious about the intricate work of another sculptor.

Music by Professor Kliq


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Tone Didactic #89 - More on auditions, Grand Guignol

More suggestions for audition demo reels; some technical tips; and exploring a new genre a bit - Grand Guignol (Thanx for the suggestion!!).

Produced by Glen Hallstrom

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19 Nocturne Boulevard - A Jury of Her Peers

[from a story and play by Susan Glaspell, published in 1917]


A woman stands accused of murdering her husband and none of the investigators understands why.

Music by Keith Billings

Cover art composition by Julie Hoverson, Photography by Richard Palmer

Thanx to Gutenberg and Librivox for their work with public domian stories, such as this one.

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Tone Didactic #88 - Status Quo and Loyalty

A bit of a response to an interesting email I got, and musing on why people work together (in stories) - or rather, exploring why characters are loyal to causes and dictators....

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